Best team for the Catch Cup (Go Fest Edition) in Pokemon Go

Swampert in the best team for the Pokemon Go Catch Cup Go FestNiantic / The Pokemon Company

The Catch Cup (Go Fest edition) has arrived in the Pokemon Go Battle League, but putting together the best team is tricky – so hopefully, our recommendations will help.

As well as the traditional Great League, Ultra League, and Master League, there are several unique cups in each season of the Pokemon Go Battle League that offer a fresh challenge for trainers to enjoy.

The latest in Season 11 of the Go Battle League is the Catch Cup, although this one comes with a twist as only Pokemon that were caught during the Pokemon Go Fest 2022 event are eligible to enter.

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Below, you’ll find all the details you need about the Catch Cup, including the best Pokemon to enter, rules and restrictions, and the cup’s scheduled end date.


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Best team for Catch Cup (Go Fest Edition) in Pokemon Go

One of the best teams you can use for the Pokemon Go Fest edition of the Catch Cup is Swampert, Tropius, and Medicham, as these are three of the most powerful creatures that are eligible to compete.

Putting together a team for this cup is tricky, especially as it’s only been a few days since Go Fest 2022 took place. This means there hasn’t been much time to power up your catches or teach them the right moves to reach their full potential.

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You might also find that you spend a lot of resources getting a Pokemon ready for battle, only to never use it again. For this reason, many trainers prefer to just have fun with what they’ve already got when the Catch Cup rolls around.

Best Pokemon for Catch Cup (Go Fest Edition)


Swampert in Pokemon Go

  • Fast Move: Mud Shot
  • Charged Moves: Hydro Cannon and Earthquake
  • Resistances: Electric, Steel, Rock, Poison, and Fire
  • Weaknesses: Grass

Swampert has long been a standout in the Great League meta, so it’s not surprising to see it make an appearance here in the Catch Cup. As long as you’re able to evolve a Mudkip caught during Go Fest, you’ll be able to use it.

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The best Fast Move for Swampert is Mud Shot, but the real highlight is Hydro Cannon, a Charged Move you can only get with an Elite TM. It’s up to you if you want to use this rare item, but if not, Surf and Earthquake are good alternatives.


Tropius in Pokemon Go

  • Fast Move: Air Slash
  • Charged Moves: Leaf Blade and Aerial Ace
  • Resistances: Fighting, Grass, Ground, and Water
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, and Rock

Tropius is another Great League favorite that could be caught in Go Fest 2022. It excels because of its considerable bulk and access to Flying-type moves, which give it an advantage over other Grass-types as well as Fighting-types.

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As a result, you’ll want to make sure you have Air Slash as a Fast Move, then combine this with Leaf Blade and Aerial Ace as Charged Moves so you’ve got all bases covered. Even better, you don’t need any Elite TMs for this one.


Medicham in the Pokemon Go love Cup

  • Fast Move: Counter
  • Charged Move: Ice Punch and Psychic
  • Resistances: Fighting and Rock
  • Weaknesses: Fairy, Flying, and Ghost

Meditite was one of the Tundra hour spawns during Go Fest 2022. If you’re able to evolve one into Medicham, you’ve got yourself another solid fighter that doesn’t require any Elite TMs – although you will need some XL Candy to max it out.

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We always recommend having the excellent Counter as a Fast Move, as it offers STAB damage and decent energy generation. Then, follow it up with Ice Punch and Psychic as Medicham’s Charged Moves for some brilliant coverage.


Magnezone in Pokemon Go

  • Fast Move: Spark
  • Charged Move: Wild Charge and Mirror Shot
  • Resistances: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, and Steel
  • Weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, and Ground

With plenty of Magnemite spawning during the City hour of Go Fest 2022, it shouldn’t be too difficult to evolve a Magnezone (you will need a Magnetic Lure Module, though). With a huge 12 resistances, it’s a brilliant addition to your team.

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Many of Magnemite’s biggest threats in the Great League also aren’t eligible for this Catch Cup, which helps. Go with Spark as a Fast Move and Wild Charge and Mirror Shot as Charged Moves for maximum STAB damage potential.


Vigoroth in Pokemon Go

  • Fast Move: Counter
  • Charged Move: Body Slam and Bulldoze
  • Resistances: Ghost
  • Weaknesses: Fighting

One of the most accessible Pokemon for the Go Fest 2022 edition of the Catch Cup is Vigoroth: its pre-evolution Slakoth appeared frequently in the Rainforest hour, it only requires 25 Candy to evolve, and none of its attacks require an Elite TM to get.

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Counter is one of the best Fast Moves in Pokemon Go, so make sure you have it. Body Slam should be your main Charged Move, as it has STAB and a low cost which enables it to be spammed. If you can afford a second attack, go with Bulldoze for coverage.

Pokemon Go Catch Cup (Go Fest Edition) rules

The main rule of the Catch Cup (Go Fest edition) is that only Pokemon caught between June 4 at 10am and June 5 at 6pm local time will be eligible to compete.

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All Pokemon on your team will also need to be below the 1,500 CP max limit. We’ve got more details on the way the Catch Cup works right here.

Pokemon Go Catch Cup (Go Fest Edition) start & end date

The Catch Cup will begin on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, at 1PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9PM BST and end on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at 1PM PT.

It will run alongside the traditional Ultra League, and we’ve got a best team guide right here.

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