Best Pokemon for Tera Raids in Scarlet & Violet: how to solo 5 & 6-star raids

pokemon tera raid charizard

Tera Raids are Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s version of Max Raid Dens, making up the bulk of the post-game content. Here are the best Pokemon you can use to take on 5 & 6-star raids.

As players progress through Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Tera Raids will evolve, growing from easy 1-star raids to challenging 5 & 6-star raids. These Tera Raids can become easier when challenged alongside fellow trainers online, but the right Pokemon can also make them a breeze.

This list will provide seven Pokemon that trainers need to add to their teams. They will provide a wide range of type coverages and a few Pokemon that can easily solo most raids regardless of type matchup.

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Iron Hands Tera Raid Build – Fighting/Electric

iron hands

This is one of the most popular Iron Hands builds to take out tough Tera Raid bosses. However, the glass cannon build is meant to take out Tera Raids as quickly as possible, leaving itself susceptible to being knocked out quickly if the all-out assault fails.

At the start of the Tera Raid, players will want to use Belly Drum. This will cut Iron Hands’ health in half and max out the Pokemon’s Attack and Special Attack stats. This will compound with Quark Drive, which raises Iron Hand’s Attack stats at the beginning of the raid.

If you’re raiding alone and the AI Pokemon aren’t strong enough to chop off a large section of the Raid Boss’ health, players can use Drain Punch to regain their health. But if the Raid Boss has a low defensive stat, trainers can go for the riskier play by using Close Combat or Wild Charge.

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NameLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNature
Iron Hands84-100Belly DrumClose Combat Drain PunchWild ChargeQuark DriveEnergy BoosterAdamant or Brave

Azumarill Tera Raid Build – Water/Fairy

azumarill shiny pokemon SV

This Tera Raid build utilizes Azumarill’s Huge Power ability – which doubles its attack stat – and the moves Belly Drum and Play Rough. With this combo, trainers are able to one-shot most Tera Raid bosses, making short work of rather troublesome typings.

It is advised that players use this Azumarill build while raiding solo, as it requires a couple of turns to set up. At the start of the raid, players can either go for Belly Drum at the start or use Tail Whip to lower the boss’ defense. However, players won’t want to use Tail Whip more than twice as the AI Pokemon will start dealing damage and may trigger the Pokemon’s shield.

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Regardless, Belly Drum needs to be activated to max out Azumarill’s Attack and HP stats. Follow this up with Play Rough, and the Tera Raid is as good as over. Players can also substitute Play Rough for Liquidation if the Pokemon is weak to Water-type moves.

PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNature
Azumarill100Tail WhipBelly DrumLiquidationPlay RoughHuge PowerAbility ShieldAdamant

Sylveon Tera Raid Build – Fairy

sylveon pokemon sv

This Sylveon build will take some time to set up as players will need its hidden ability – Pixelate – as well as a moveset consisting entirely of TM moves. But once it’s fully leveled, hyper-trained, and kitted out… Dragon, Dark, and Fighting-type Pokemon, beware.

This Sylveon build requires three turns of setup at the start of a Tera Raid battle and is best used in solo raids, so fellow players don’t chip too much of the boss’ health away before the setup is finished. Players will want to start by using Calm Mind once to raise it Attack and Special Attack.

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Next, use Fake Tears three times to bring down the Raid Boss’ Special Defense. For the rest of the battle, players can use Hyper Beam until the boss faints. If you run out of PP, switch to Hyper Voice.

PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNature
Sylveon90 – 100Hyper BeamCalm MindFake TearsHyper VoicePixelateCovert CloakPersim BerrySitrus BerryAbility ShieldAdamant

Gholdengho Tera Raid Build – Ghost/Steel

gholdengo 3

Gholdengo’s build focuses on its high Special Attack damage. Metal Sound is crucial in this build as it opens up the target to take more damage. And since Gholdengo only has two viable STAB moves, the rest of its moveset is pretty straightforward: Make it Rain & Shadow Ball.

Start the Raid using Metal Sound three times to lower the boss’s Special Defense by 6. Then choose one of the moves in your arsenal to take out a large portion of its health.

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Shadow Ball is a great Ghost-type move with STAB that can be used against other Ghost-types or Psychic Pokemon. Fairy Raids are also a breeze as Gholdengo has a few Steel-type moves at its disposal. Make It Rain is a safe choice as it deals high damage with STAB, but players who want to end battles quickly may opt for a more powerful move like Steel Beam.

PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNature
Gholdengo100Metal SoundMake it RainShadow BallThunder WaveGood as GoldAbility ShieldWise GlassesModest

Miraidon Tera Raid Build – Electric/Dragon

Rideable Legendary Motorcycle Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

Unlike other powerful Tera Raid build, Miraidon doesn’t require much in the way of a setup. In fact, using setup moves is completely optional with this build, as its Hadron Engine ability turns the ground into Electric Terrain, boosting the power of its Special Attacks.

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When Miraidon enters the battle, its Hadron Engine ability will activate, covering the terrain in electricity. With the boost from Wise Glasses, players are ready to get in on the action.

However, if the Tera Raid boss has high Special Defense, players can use Metal Sound up to three times to make the Pokemon more vulnerable to incoming attacks.

Miraidon may not one-shot the Raid Boss, but its moveset is prepared if that’s the case. Players can use Charge to store power for a turn before using Electro Drift. It can also Terastalize with an Electric Tera Type to further boost its damage output.

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PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNature
Miraidon100Metal Sound Electro Drift Dragon Pulse ChargeHadron EngineWise GlassesLife OrbModest

Perrserker Tera Raid Build – Steel

perrserker in tera raid

Perrserker is a mono Steel-type Pokemon that’s incredibly useful against Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type Pokemon. This build will focus on buffing its Steel-type moves making it a go-to Pokemon when taking on any of the three Raid Types mentioned above.

This is most effective when raiding with players who are also using Perrserker of other Steel-types. This is because Perrserker has the ability Steely Spirit which boosts the power of Steel-type moves by 50% for itself and its allies.

On turn one, players should use Screech to lower the boss’s defense, followed by a Swords Dance on turn two to boost your attack. If playing with a group of Perrserker, turn three should be used to deal damage with Iron Head.

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PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNature
Perrserker100Swords Dance Screech Iron Head TauntSteely SpiritAbility Shield Metal CoatAdamant

Umbreon Tera Raid Build – Dark

umbreon scarlet violet

For this Umbreon build, you’ll want to throw out the idea of being a massive damage dealer. Umbreon isn’t Iron Hands or Azumarill. The supportive role applies buffs and debuffs to ensure its allies deal as much damage as possible.

If the boss has the ability Mirror Armor, you’ll want to start the battle with Skill Swap so that you can lower its stats without lowering your own.

Next, focus on lowering the boss’s Defense or Special Defense depending on what moves are the most effective. Use Screech to lower its defense stats or Fake Tears to lower its Special Defense stats.

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PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNature
Umbreon100Screech Fake Tears Skill Swap Foul Play SynchronizeMental HerbCalm

That’s everything you need to know about the best Pokemon to use in Tera Raid battles! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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