Best Pokemon cards in the Crown Zenith TCG expansion & how to find them

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Best CardsThe Pokemon Company

The last Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield expansion has finally launched, containing stunning cards for players to collect. Here is everything to know about the best pulls from the Crown Zenith set.

The Pokemon TCG is preparing to shift into the Paldea region, introducing new expansions for the Gen 9 games Scarlet & Violet. However, one last Sword & Shield set has dropped, bringing a wide range of cards that celebrate the Galar and Hisui regions.

Crown Zenith will be released in multiple collector sets throughout the beginning of 2023. Like Shining Fates and Champion’s Path, players won’t be able to get these cards via Booster Boxes. Instead, they will need to pick up Elite Trainer Boxes, blister packs, and special collections to raid the boosters inside.

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Like all of the Sword & Shield sets, there are some cards that stand out compared to others. Below are the best Pokemon TCG cards of the Crown Zenith set, and why they are worth pulling.

Pokemon SwSh Crown Zenith TCG ExpansionThe Pokemon Company
Players will see the end of Gen 8 in Crown Zenith

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith cards that are worth pulling & where to buy it

The Crown Zenith expansion’s card list is a combination of different Pokemon TCG sets from Japan. Artwork from stunning sets like VSTAR Universe will appear, giving players around the world the chance to pull and play them. Below are some of the most notable cards and where to buy them:

  • Charizard VSTAR – capable of doing 320 damage with its VSTAR move “Star Blaze” it is a great addition to any fire-type deck.
  • Radiant Charizard – specifically coveted as one of the most popular Pokemon of the series, this card is likely to grow in value like most other Charizard cards.
  • Zacian VSTAR – As one of the box Legendaries for Sword and Shield, this card is a must-have for collectors.
  • Zamazenta VSTAR – like Zacian VSTAR, players won’t want to miss out on pulling this card.
  • Radiant Eternatus – Sporting the move “Climactic Gate”, this Pokemon is perfect for hunting down VMAX cards in a deck.
  • Pikachu Secret Rare Full Art – Surrounded by iconic Pokemon of Hisui and Galar, this Pikachu card feels like it should be displayed on a wall instead of put in a deck. It’s a truly spectacular card.
  • Deoxys VMAX Galarian Gallary Full Art – After gaining immense popularity worldwide following its Japanese release, this Deoxys VMAX Pokemon TCG card’s brilliant illustration will be the perfect Crown Zenith pull.
  • Mewtwo VSTAR Galarian Gallery Full Art– Perfect for fans of classic Pokemon, Mewtwo’s stunning full artwork on this card is a particularly special find.

With the Crown Zenith set boasting 230 total Pokemon TCG cards, (159 in the main set, and 70 in the Galarian Gallery), players will likely need good luck to pull some of the best options. Despite this, the heft set is the perfect send-off for the well-loved era of the popular tabletop game.

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