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Best Muk moveset in Pokemon Go for raids & Battle League

Published: 21/Apr/2021 22:28

by Brent Koepp


Following Muk’s Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go, Trainers may be wondering what the best moveset is for the Poison-type. Here is every move you should be using for the Gen I character in Battle League and raids.

Originally making its Pokemon Go debut in 2016, Gen I favorite, Muk, has been a staple in the series’ Poison-type category. While not the strongest creature in the mobile game by any means, it’s actually a decent pick with the right moves.


We will break down the Kanto ‘mon best attacks that will have it defeating its opponents in no time at all. Here are the moves it needs to learn to be able to compete in both PVE and PVP modes.

Grimer and Muk Pokemon Go Dex
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Gen I Poison-type is a decent pick in Battle League.

Pokemon Go Muk best moveset

Muk was one of the few Pokemon selected for Go’s Spotlight Hour. As such, many players are going to have the high Kanto creature in their roster, most likely including one with high stats.

Fortunately, the Gen I Poison-type is actually a really decent pick in both online raids as well as Battle League’s first entry-level tier: Great League.


Below, we will break down the attacks Muk has access to and its best moveset as of 2021 for both PVP and PVE that will make it a strong fighter going into battle.

Pokemon Go Battle League promotional art.Muk is a solid choice for BL’s Great League tier. 

Pokemon Go Muk best moveset in Battle League

Great League

Muk Pokemon Go Dex Fast Attack: Poison Jab  Charge Attack: Thunder Punch / Dark Pulse

Muk actually has a strong stab attack with Poison Jab. Without a doubt, it is the best pick for its Fast Attack as it not only deals a decent amount of attack to Fairy-types, but it can also generate energy quickly.

Trainers can go either two routes with its Charge attack, although we recommend investing in two moves. Its access to Thunder Punch is a great counter for Flying and Water-type ‘mon, and Dark Pulse is also strong against Psychic creatures.


Ultra League

Muk Pokemon Go Dex Fast Attack: Poison Jab  Charge Attack: Thunder Punch / Dark Pulse

While the Kanto Poison-type isn’t as strong in Ultra League, it can continue to use Poison Jab to keep popular UL choice, Wigglytuff, on its toes. Since it generates energy fast, Thunder Punch can be launched into easily.

Using the fast combo of the two moves mentioned above is a great way to bait out opponents’ shields. Dark Pulse is again the second-best Charge Attack, and is a great way to protect Muk seeing as it’s weak against Psychic-types.

Master League

Muk Pokemon Go Dex Fast Attack: Poison Jab  Charge Attack: Thunder Punch / Dark Pulse

Unfortunately, Muk isn’t very viable in BL’s Master League. It’s not only outclassed in almost every way, but it’s not very strong against the game’s current Meta which heavily favors Dragon and Steel-type.


To make matters worse, its CP caps out pretty low which means it won’t last long. Psychic ‘mon at this level will be able to withstand its Dark Pulse attack. We recommend using another character instead.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go Raid Boss logo.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Dragon-type is a strong attacker in PVE raids.

Pokemon Go Muk best moveset in raids

Muk Pokemon Go Dex Fast Attack: Poison Jab  Charge Attack: Thuner Punch / Dark Pulsee

Thankfully, Muk fairs much better in online raids. Its access to multiple type attacks makes it a strong choice with a decent spread. Thunder Punch will make quick work of 5-star raid bosses such as Kyogre, and also takes down Flying-types like Lugia.

Even better is that Dark Pulse will do a substantial amount of damage against Psychic Legendaries. Its Poison-typing also pairs off against Fairy-types, making it a diverse contender.