Best moveset for Alolan Golem in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Alolan Golem with its best moveset in Pokemon GoNiantic

If you’ve just evolved an Alolan Golem in Pokemon Go, you might be wondering what its best moveset is and whether or not it’s worth powering up for the Go Battle League.

Following the Alolan Geodude Community Day in May 2022, loads of Pokemon Go trainers are going to be evolving their best Alolan Geodude into Alolan Graveler and finally the mighty Alolan Golem.

While classic Geodude from the Kanto region is a Rock/Ground-type, its Alolan variation becomes a unique Rock/Electric-type, meaning it has different weaknesses, resistances, and moves it can learn.

When evolved during the May 2022 Community Day, Alolan Golem will also know the event-exclusive Fast Move Rollout, so now’s the perfect time to figure out what its overall best moveset is.


Alolan Geodude Community Day

Best moveset for Alolan Golem in Pokemon Go

One of the best movesets you can teach Alolan Golem in Pokemon Go is Volt Switch as a Fast Move and Wild Charge as a Charged Move.

Volt Switch is the standard go-to Fast Move for Alolan Golem, as it has impressive energy generation and decent damage output. If you want a Rock-type moveset, then Rollout looks like a pretty great alternative.

Wild Charge is the optimal Charged Move for dealing excellent Electric-type damage. If you can afford a secondary option, go with the low-cost Rock Blast as it can be quickly spammed for taking out shields.

All moves Alolan Golem can learn in Pokemon Go

Alolan Golem can learn three potential Fast Moves and three potential Charged Moves, which we’ve listed below:

Alolan Golem Fast Moves

  • Rock Throw (Rock)
  • Rollout (Rock)
  • Volt Switch (Electric)

Alolan Golem Charged Moves

  • Rock Blast (Rock)
  • Stone Edge (Rock)
  • Wild Charge (Electric)

Alolan Golem appearing in Pokemon GO

Is Alolan Golem any good in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, Alolan Golem doesn’t have that much use in the Pokemon Go Battle League.

The main league where it shows potential is the Great League, where it’s capable of taking on Ice-types and Flying-types thanks to its Electric and Rock-type moves, but beyond that, it’s not really worth using it.

You might have better luck with Alolan Golem as a Rock-type attacker in Raid Battles, especially with the Community Day-exclusive Fast Move Rollout, but there are still better alternatives like Rhyperior.

Having said all of that, Alolan Golem is overall a better Pokemon than regular Golem, so you might as well add at least one to your collection if you get the chance.

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