Best Lurantis build for Surfing Pikachu Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

pokemon lurantis sv

Lurantis may not be the strongest Grass-type in the Pokedex, but in team play, it is a powerful special attacker that aids in taking down 7-star Pikachu Tera Raids quite easily.

Pikachu is being featured in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in its infamous surfing form as part of the Pokemon Day festivities. As a Water Tera Type and knowing the move surf, the cute franchise mascot becomes a formidable foe.

Luckily, a tricky Lurantis build is a great way to deal with the raid boss’s new typing. While Lurantis is often overlooked due to its stats and mono-typing, it’s perfect for dealing with pesky surfing rodents.

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However, this Lurantis requires a bit more effort to set up than other options for taking on Pikachu. You’ll need to defeat trainers to unlock a unique TM for this build to be viable, but it’s worth the effort if you’ve got time to spare.

Best Lurantis build for Pikachu Tera Raids

Much like any other Pokemon used in Pikachu Tera Raids, you’ll want to start the battle by using Sunny Day. This lowers the effectiveness of Pikachu’s Water-type moves and clears out its Rainy Day setup.

Next, players will want to use Leaf Storm three times to max out their Special Attack. Usually, Leaf Storm would lower your stats, but due to Lurantis’ Contrary ability, it will raise them instead. Alternate this move with Synthesis to restore health when needed.

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Once your SpAt stat is maxed, switch to Solar Beam while the harsh sunlight is still active to deal massive damage. Lurantis can hold a Shell Bell to restore a portion of their health with every attack or a Heat Rock to extend the duration of Sunny Day.

PokemonLevelMovesetHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVs & IVs
100-Sunny Day -Leaf Storm -Synthesis -Solar BeamShell Bell or Heat RockContraryModestHP & Special Attack

Best Lurantis Moveset

  • Sunny Day – learned at level 51
  • Leaf Storm – learned via TM
  • Synthesis – learned at level 28
  • Solar Beam – learned via TM

That’s everything you need to know about Lurantis in Pikachu Tera Raids! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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