Attack on Titan fan finds hilarious reference in Pokemon Legends Arceus

poekmon legends arceus eren yaegerThe Pokemon Company / Attack on Titan

Both Attack on Titan and Pokemon Legends Arceus are at the forefront of gaming and entertainment at the moment, and one fan has found a reference that may link the two together.

Attack on Titan fans have recently had plenty to be excited about as the show’s fourth season will continue on February 7, 2022. This has been built up for months as fans have been dying to see what awaits Eren Yaeger and company.

For Pokemon fans, the hype has already arrived, as Pokemon Legends Arceus came out on January 28. Barely a week in, and fans are already in love with the new Pokemon game.

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With the hype surrounding both at an all-time high, one fan has found an NPC in Legends Arceus that sounds a whole lot like someone AoT fans will recognize. But, is it an easter egg, or just pure coincidence?

We’ll let you decide.

Young Eren Yaeger found in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Professor Laventon screenshotGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Legends Arceus is full of interesting new characters for players to meet.

Eren Yaeger, the young protagonist of Attack on Titan, is as ambitious as they come, just wanting to save his people and see what life could be like beyond the confines of their walls.

This spirit of adventure and courage is perfect for that of someone living in Pokemon Legends Arceus, a game that takes place at a time when Pokemon were largely unknown to the people of the Hisui region.

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And just as Eren struggled to break through the walls of AoT, so have the people of Hisui struggled to break into new regions and fill the Pokedex.

One fan took to TikTok to show off an NPC that shows off this same spirit and might just be an easter egg linking the popular anime to the game.

A young child in the game’s main village is seen in the TikTok saying, “But I wanna go outside the walls!” before the TikToker quickly puts a dub of the anime’s sound over the clip and edits the boy to have a makeshift Scouts outfit to boot.

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The entire clip is worthy of a few laughs on its own but paired with the edits, it’s a belter.

The boy in the game does express a sentiment that we don’t really get in the Legends Arceus lore, as most other villagers seem mostly content with their more simple way of life. Something that likely sounds familiar for AoT fans.

So, is this an easter egg or just a fun piece of lore/dialogue from the game? We’ll leave that to you to decide.