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Artist gives My Hero Academia characters their own Sword and Shield Pokémon

Published: 12/Jun/2019 22:14 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 2:07

by Virginia Glaze


With Pokémon Sword and Shield releasing in November, fans are more excited than ever for the newest addition to the series – as well as the next season of popular anime My Hero Academia, which saw a unique crossover with the Pokémon world, thanks to one creative fan artist.

Artist ‘Spectator_Ion’ uploaded a series of charming illustrations to Reddit on June 11, featuring some of UA’s top students with their very own Pokémon – three of which will make their debut in Sword and Shield.

Rather than relying on their own quirks, students Tsuyu Asui, Fumikage Tokoyami, Mina Ashido, and Eijiro Kirishima now have pocket monsters at their side to aid in rescue operations, all of which bear striking similarities to their owners.

Spectator_Ion, RedditArtist Spectator_Ion paired up some of UA’s finest students with their very own Pokémon.

In keeping with Tsu-chan’s froglike Quirk, Ion paired her with Froakie, a water type “bubble frog Pokémon.” Considering that Froppy herself can do anything a frog does, it makes sense that these two would make for an inseparable pairing.

Similarly, Ion teamed up the birdlike Tokoyami with the upcoming Corviknight, so named for its resemblance to a crow. It looks like Tokoyami will have more than just his “Dark Shadow” to look after – he’s got an extra pair of wings, now!

Tokoyami’s Quirk involves Dark Shadow, a sentient, monster-like entity that dwells within his body.

Another newcomer, Wooloo, is also in the mix, paired up with the bubbly Mina Ashido. While these two don’t share any particular physical similarities, both Wooloo and Mina are easygoing and carefree, with the “Sheep Pokémon” preferring to roll away over engaging in a fight.

Last but certainly not least, Eijiro poses with Drednaw, a snapping-turtle like Pokémon that seems to be gnawing on his arm. Known as a “Bite Pokémon,” Drednaw’s penchant for chomping away shouldn’t be an issue with his super powered owner, thanks to Eijiro’s skin hardening ability.

NintendoDrednaw is a new addition to the Pokémon universe, making its appearance in Sword and Shield this November.

While an official MHA x Pokémon crossover has yet to come about, UA students and faculty are currently in league with Sanrio’s slew of adorable mascots, with the likes of All Might and Eraserhead collaborating with Hello Kitty and Chococat, respectively – among many others.

Sanrio, Viz MediaThe heroes of My Hero Academia are teaming up with the Sanrio mascots for a limited-time crossover event.

With MHA’s next season slated for October, fans are waiting with bated breath for more content – and this crossover art just might fill their appetites, for now.


Steins;Gate cosplayer joins Future Gadget Lab as perfect Mayuri Shiina

Published: 18/Jan/2021 22:37

by Brent Koepp


A Steins;Gate cosplayer shared her stunning true-to-life take on Mayuri Shiina. The artist will warm fans’ hearts with the adorable portrayal of the beloved character. 

Steins;Gate originally made its major debut on the Xbox 360 in 2009. However, its anime adaption three years later by studio White Fox is now considered one of the best series’ of all time.

Celebrating the sci-fi show, a talented cosplayer transformed into popular character, Mayuri Shiina. The artist looks so much like the heroine, fans will be hearing Tuturu! in their heads all day.

Steins Gate screenshot of Mayuri Shiina in anime.
White Fox / Funimation
The kind-hearted heroine has become a fan favorite in the 2012 anime.

Steins;Gate cosplayer becomes Mayuri Shiina

Viewers are introduced to Mayuri in the first episode as she is best friend and “hostage” to lead protagonist Rintarou Okabe. The bubbly character quickly becomes the heart of the show.

Cosplayer ‘2pinkyellow2′ shared her stunning transformation into Shiina with a costume so accurate it looks as if the Future Gadget Lab member has time traveled out of the screen and into the real world.

The Japanese artist faithfully recreated Mayuri’s blue dress, including the black trimming that runs under her neck and arms. She also created the character’s iconic wavy hat which she wears throughout the story.

2pinky absolutely nailed the character’s iconic look, and captured her messy short black hair which has spiky bangs that sit between her striking blue eyes.

In another shot posted to social media, the skilled artist mirrored a scene from the anime where Mayuri holds her hands out to her best friend Okabe.

Despite originally releasing as a Visual Novel over a decade ago, Steins;Gate has quickly become one of the most critically acclaimed animes of all time. Its emotional sci-fi plot and rich characters have wowed viewers around the world.

The series is so popular that it got a sequel season six years later called 0 – or “Zero”. The new arc depicts the events of the other world line mentioned in the original story. Viewers can catch all episodes right now on popular streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation.