Artist blends Pokemon with popular memes and it's exactly what Gen 8 needs

by square1


Pokemon Sword and Shield will bring a whole host of new species when they launch on Nintendo Switch, but this artist's meme inspired creations might be better than anything about to be added to the Pokedex. 

The new games, which are set to be released on November 15, will give fans their first look at a whole new generation of creatures, the eighth gen to be exact. 

Other than starter Pokemon - Sobble, Scorbunny, Grookey, and a few others that have been revealed - the wait for the full details of new species is still a long one. However, artist Viperfish has shared an extraordinary crossover that's more than certainly never going to feature in the real games, but perhaps some fans wish it would be.

Viperfish, Twitter
Viperfish, Twitter
Viperfish's twist on some popular memes have led to the creation of some insane concept Pokemon.

The concept designer has brought a series of popular memes to life in the world of Pokemon, in a way that's more than certainly never been done before, sharing images of their work to Twitter on June 6. 

These unique Pokemon-style sketches are a nod to a number of different photos that have done the rounds on the internet in recent years, and they have even been given their own types. The only thing left to the imagination, really, is their move sets. 

They have been named Spyk and Barka, part of the same evolution chain, as well as Trafkick, Psykone, and Granmaw. 

It's not for us to say which of the meme species is the most impressive, but they have all been given a huge thumbs up from a number of fans of the Japanese franchise. The original post of the art has been retweeted nearly 50,000 times and has recorded over 135,000 likes on Twitter - at the time of writing. 

Whether or not anything like this will ever feature in Pokemon remains to be seen, but there must be something that inspired designers to create the creatures we have seen hiding in the long grass for all of these years. 

Clearly, the meme route is not as ridiculous as some might have first thought.