Are Shiny Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap? Everything we know

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New Pokemon Snap is the latest Pokemon spinoff on the Nintendo Switch, and it contains over 200 monsters for players to photograph. But are Shiny Pokemon in the game? Here’s everything we know.

Shiny Pokemon have become a necessity in any hardcore Trainer’s party since the feature’s creation in Generation II. In the core games, fans spend hundreds of hours hunting down or trying to breed the color variants.

With New Pokemon Snap finally here and excitement for the photography title at an all-time high, budding shutterbugs are spending hours hunting down the perfect shots for their Photodex – and many are wondering whether Shinies are in the game.

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shiny charizard in pokemon sword & shieldThe Pokemon Company (via Twitter: @brentrkoepp)
Shiny Pokemon gives monsters an alternate appearance.

Are Shiny Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap?

Shiny Pokemon weren’t in the original Nintendo 64 title due to the fact that the variants didn’t quite exist at the time of release. From Celebi to Grookey, over 200 Pokemon are in the new point-and-shoot game. But do any of them have the rare form?

The short answer is no. The Switch title doesn’t have any Shinies in it, unfortunately. As much as we wish it were the case.

However, rumors of New Snap DLC have been swirling so if there is ANY sort of possibility for Shiny Pokemon in the game, the feature could come then. But obviously there’s been no confirmation of that.

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shiny vaporeon new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company
Fingers crossed they come in DLC!

If Shiny Pokemon are coming to New Snap, it’s highly likely that Professor Mirror would give players a higher score for photographing them compared to the regular version because, obviously, they’re a lot rarer.

It’s also possible that the forms would only appear when certain conditions have been met like in the 1999 game where you had to perform particular actions for monsters to evolve, such as knocking Charmeleon into a bubbling lava pool to get Charizard.

Or they could be locked behind secret areas like in the original Tunnel level where Electrode would explode and open up a hidden pathway if you threw an Apple at it. We simply don’t know at this point, but it would be amazing nonetheless.

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new pokemon snap beach courseThe Pokemon Company
Could Shiny Pokemon be hidden in secret areas in the future?

For now, players just have to wait and see if A) the DLC theory comes true, and B) if the Shiny feature comes with any potential future content.

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