Another Pokemon GO player arrested after assaulting fellow Trainer

Published: 21/Aug/2020 20:50

by Brent Koepp


Another Pokemon GO player has been arrested in Hokkaido, Japan after beating a fellow Trainer who was playing the mobile game in the same location. The 35-year-old man flew into a rage when the other fan kicked his parked car.

Pokemon GO made its groundbreaking debut in 2016. The AR mobile title captured the imaginations of players around the world who ventured outside to catch their favorite monsters.

However in Japan, the friendly game quickly turned dark when a player assaulted a fellow Trainer. Bizarrely, the story follows a similar incident that occurred six days earlier in Hokkaido.

pokemon go legendary birds lugia
The Pokemon Company / Niantic
The mobile Pokemon game continues to be a worldwide phenomena.

Pokemon GO player arrested after altercation in Japan

On August 10, a 56-year-old Pokemon GO fan was arrested by authorities after attacking his friend over a competing Gym. Strangely, another incident happened six days later in the same island of Hokkaido with eerily similar details – including a parked car that was kicked.

According to Yahoo Japan, a player became angry when he saw a man sitting in a car that was facing the wrong way on the street. The 35-year-old became enraged when he noticed that the driver was actually a fellow Pokemon fan playing the same game. Furious, he walked up to the car and kicked it.

The owner then exited his vehicle and chased down the assailant before striking him several times in retaliation. The driver was soon apprehended by authorities who broke up the two GO Trainers.

pokemon go phone
The Pokemon Company / Niantic
The popular Pokemon game tasks players with finding monsters outside.

In a statement made by the Japanese Police department, when asked why he kicked the car in the first place, the 35-year-old stated: “I thought it was a sloppy way to stop the car in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. Looking inside, I was angry that a man was playing the same Pokemon GO and playing the game with the car in reverse.”

According to reports, the man who kicked the car was ultimately the one arrested and is being held on suspicion of assault. Incredibly, the incident strikes many similarities to the August 10 story.

Despite the darker stories of Trainers taking things too far, GO continues to be loved by millions of fans around the world. The groundbreaking mobile game recently celebrated its fourth anniversary in 2020 and has never been more popular.


Pokemon to release special First Partner starter cards for 25th anniversary

Published: 13/Jan/2021 20:52

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Company is celebrating its 25th anniversary by releasing a special Trading Card Game set called First Partner. The limited release will feature starter ‘mon from every generation. 

The Pokemon franchise is officially turning 25 in 2021 and to celebrate, the TCG is taking a look back at all previous generation starter ‘mon with the First Partner packs.

From Kanto to Galar, each set will be themed around the eight generations. Collectors won’t want to miss out as the release will also feature cards from the 1999 Base Set by Wizards of the Coast.

Screenshot of Pokemon First Partner pack 25th anniversary.
The Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian
The special packs will feature starter Pokemon from each generation.

Pokemon 25th anniversary card set release dates

In 2021, eight sets will be released each month starting in March, and ending in October. The special packs will include three jumbo size cards of the region’s starter Pokemon. Each item will feature the 25th anniversary logo stamp on it.

While they are not the regular size for TCG, fret not as a special binder releases in February that is able to hold these massive promo collectables.

Sword & Shield’s Galar region will go first, with Red & Blue’s Kanto being released in the final month. Each set will go in descending order from Gen 8 to 1.

  • February 26 – First Partner Collector’s Binder
  • March 5 Galar
  • April 2 –  Alola
  • May 7 – Kalos
  • June 4 Unova
  • July 9 – Sinnoh
  • August 6 – Hoenn
  • September 3 – Johto
  • October 8 – Kanto
Screenshot of Pokemon 25 anniversary first partner pack.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Each pack will focus on one of the eight regions.

Pokemon First Partner card set prices

The binder will go on sale on February, 26 for $9.99. Every single region pack will also retail for the same price, so these will no doubt sell out fast given the TCG’s recent explosion in value and popularity.

Each of the eight sets will also come with two basic TCG Booster Packs, which is quite the deal. Most boosters sell at stores at $4.99 a piece, so you will basically be getting the 25th anniversary jumbo promos for free.

Screenshot of Pokemon 25 TCG First Partner pack binder.
The Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian
A special binder will release in February to hold the 25th Anniversary promos.

Interestingly, popular Pokemon card outlet PokeGuardian speculated that the starter promos could eventually be the countdown to a new set. “Last month, we discovered that the real 25th Anniversary Special set would release on October 8, 2021. We think this is not a coincidence. It would work perfectly as a countdown to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon TCG. It will be 25 years old on October 20, 2021,” they said.

Because the First Partner packs are going backwards to Gen 1 and end on October 8, the dates definitely line up. Of course this is all purely speculation, but perhaps The Pokemon Company have another trick up their sleeve. Regardless, collectors and will want to scoop these promos as they will surely be gone in the blink of an eye.