Alpharad’s Twitch chat hatches Shiny Pokémon while streamer sleeps

alpahrad pokemon crystal twitch marathon

During Alpharad’s Twitch Plays Pokemon marathon, his chat hatched a Shiny Pokemon while he was asleep.

Twitch Plays Pokemon was a massive internet phenomenon when it was first released in 2014. Live streaming had yet to become the titan industry it is today, but that didn’t stop millions of players from participating.

Essentially, Twitch Plays Pokemon allows the viewers to play the game being streamed by entering commands in chat. Typing “A”, “Right”, or “Start” acts as pushing those buttons. Think Zork but with thousands of people entering commands at the same time.

It took a month for players to beat Pokemon Red the first time around, and now streamers host their own Twitch Plays Pokemon marathons. Alpharad has only just begun his marathon of Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal, and it’s already off to a magnificent start.

alpharad twitch plays pokemon streamAlpharad (Twitch)
Alpharad watches as his chat struggles to beat the first gym within the first five hours

Alpharad chat finds Shiny Pokemon

On April 7th, Alpharad started his marathon, but it quickly became apparent it wouldn’t go as smoothly as he thought. It took over four hours to beat the first gym leader – a task that takes far less time during a normal playthrough.

Calling it a night, Alpharad went to sleep as his chat continued to play the game without him. During this time the chat acquired an egg and walked back and forth long enough for it to hatch.

Miraculously, at 18 hours and 25 minutes mark, the egg hatched a Shiny Cleffa. While it wasn’t a full-odds Shiny, Alpharad woke up to quite the surprise.

The egg in question is a unique gift item called the Odd Egg. It has between a 10% and 50% chance of containing a Shiny Pokemon. The odds of finding a shiny in Crystal are 8196/1, but this one specific egg drastically raises those odds.

Now, it’s a matter of whether or not Alpharad can keep the Shiny Pokemon for the duration of the marathon. It is possible for his chat to navigate the menus and release the Shiny, whether by accident or on purpose.

One of the biggest debacles during the original Twitch Plays Pokemon is known as Bloody Sunday. This was the day that the chatters released three major Pokemon, two knowing the HM Cut.

We will have to see if the same happens to Alpharad and his chat. Until then, check out this hunter who found 10 uncatchable Shiny Pokemon while hunting for the BDSP starters.