All Shiny Eevee evolutions in Pokemon ranked from worst to best

Three of the best Shiny Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon, Sylveon, Vaporeon and EspeonThe Pokemon Company

Shiny Eevee evolutions are some of the most desirable Pokemon of all time, but which Shiny Eeveelution looks the best? We’ve ranked them all from worst to best right here.

Every Pokemon fan has their favorite Eevee evolution, whether it’s the classic Fire-type Flareon, the cool Dark-type Umbreon, or the most recent addition to the lineup, the adorable Fairy-type Sylveon.

But those feelings could all change when you see their Shiny Eeveelution variations, as some are much better than others; a few have barely any changes, while others get an entirely new color scheme.

If you’re looking for the strongest Eevee evolution, then check out our best Eeveelution guide instead, but if you’re purely here for the Shinies, read on to see our ranking of the best Shiny Eeveelutions!

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Shiny Eeveelutions ranked from worst to best

8. Shiny Leafeon

Eeveelution Shiny Leafeon in Pokemon GoThe Pokemon Company

Some rare Shinies look incredible and give a new twist to existing Pokemon, making them highly desirable among both collectors and casual fans. Unfortunately, Shiny Leafeon is not one of them.

The only change here is that the color scheme is slightly darker. It’s one of those Shinies where you’d need to search for an image of the differences online to even know what you’re hunting for.

7. Shiny Flareon

Shiny Eevee evolution Flareon in Pokemon GOThe Pokemon Company

The classic Fire-type Flareon is another Pokemon that gets a disappointing Shiny version, with only a slight color change from its original version. Honestly, is it even worth hunting? Probably not.

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One redeeming thing about Shiny Flareon is that the slight tonal change pushes it towards a more golden-looking color, which does kind of fit with the idea of it being Shiny and rare.

6. Shiny Glaceon

Shiny Glaceon in Pokemon GoThe Pokemon Company

Rounding out the ‘why even give it a Shiny version?’ Eeveelution trilogy is the Ice-type Glaceon, which goes from having an icy blue color scheme to having a slightly lighter icy blue color scheme.

While it’s a disappointing change, Glaceon already has one of the best Eeveelution designs, so even if its Shiny variation is barely noticeable, it’s still a great-looking Pokemon to add to your collection.

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5. Shiny Jolteon

Shiny Eevee evolution JolteonThe Pokemon Company

The original Jolteon is iconic with its striking electric yellow design, but for some reason, The Pokemon Company decided that what it really needed was a sickly-green color scheme.

It’s definitely one of our least favorite Shinies and we’d much rather take a regular Jolteon onto the battlefield, but at least it has a significantly different appearance unlike the previous entries on this list.

4. Shiny Espeon

Shiny EspeonThe Pokemon Company

Shiny Espeon suffers from the same fate as Shiny Jolteon by getting a questionable green color palette, although we can forgive this one as it does act as a nice contrast to the original purple design.

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Apologies to anyone who loves green. We clearly don’t.

3. Shiny Vaporeon

Shiny VaporeonThe Pokemon Company

The first Shiny Eeveelution that we would consider to be a great alternative is Shiny Vaporeon, which changes from its classic blue color scheme to a gorgeous purple with slightly creamier fins.

There’s not much else to say about Shiny Vaporeon, but it’s a decent Shiny that’s probably worth searching for if it’s your favorite Eeeveelution.

2. Shiny Umbreon

Shiny Umbreon in Pokemon GoThe Pokemon Company

Umbreon is a fan-favorite Pokemon for players around the world and is also one of the best examples of a Dark-type design done well; cool and sleek but still retaining that ‘best friend’ Pokemon aesthetic.

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Shiny Umbreon takes that brilliantly simple design and (in our opinion) makes it even better by repainting those striking yellow details in a cool electric blue color, which looks great on any team.

1. Shiny Sylveon

The best Shiny Eevee evolution, SylveonThe Pokemon Company

Sylveon already had one of the most interesting Eeveelution designs, but its Shiny variation makes it even more appealing by giving players the option to reverse the baby blue and pink colors on its body.

Shiny Sylveon isn’t just one of the best Shiny Eeveelutions, it’s one of the best Shiny Pokemon of all time – and it definitely feels worthy of the hours you could spend trying to find one for your collection.

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