Abra will headline Pokemon Go March Community Day, leak suggests

by Paul Cot


The headliner for the Pokemon Go March Community Day has been supposedly leaked ahead of time and to the delight of many trainers it will be Abra.

Abra has been rumored to headline an upcoming Community Day for a while and now it finally will. What's more the date has also been revealed - March 15.

The leak comes courtesy of PokeMiners on Reddit after finding new text assets within the Pokemon Go code. It's important to note that Abra has not been confirmed by Niantic and is therefore subject to change.

Alakazam Community Day
Pokemon Fandom
Abra evolves into Alakazam but we're yet sure what its exclusive move will be...


The texts in question refer to specific Abra related tasks and are as follows:

string Key = "quest_at_catch_a"
string Translation = "Catch {0} Abra"
string Key = "quest_at_evolve_a"
string Translation = "Evolve {0} Abra"
string Key = "quest_at_evolve_k"
string Translation = "Evolve {0} Kadabra"


Abra and the date may have been (potentially) revealed but further details have not. We still don't know what bonuses will be included or what Alakazam's exclusive move will be.

Three hour lures will almost certainly be one bonus with 3x Catch XP being the favorite to compliment it. 3x Catch Stardust and 1/4 egg hatching distance were the two beforehand and they tend to rotate between the three.

Many trainers had expected Snivy to be the headliner because odd months have been starter Pokemon, at least up until now. If Abra is indeed the headliner then this will be the first time Niantic have deviated from their traditional pattern.

Either way, we can expect Niantic to confirm the headliner soon.