7 Pokemon Legends Arceus mods that should be real features

Game Banana: Zero-Chan / Bolching / Younes-Bel

Players are creating incredible modifications for Game Freak’s Hisui region RPG. Here are seven Pokemon Legends Arceus mods that should be real features.

Pokemon Legends Arceus has finally been released and is Game Freak’s most ambitious project to date. Despite being a Diamond & Pearl origin story set in ancient Sinnoh’s past, the RPG is jam-packed with modern gameplay mechanics.

Although the open-world title has introduced many quality of life changes, players have been creating mind-blowing modifications on PC to make the Hisui region adventure even better. These are seven mods we would love to see as real features.

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Lusher terrain

Pokemon Legends Arceus AI Upscaled Terrain Textures Mod by Klabber screenshot.Klabber
This mod boosts the texture resolution of terrain.

While Pokemon Legends has a gorgeous art style, its greatest flaw is its lackluster graphics which are held back by the game’s technical limitations.

The AI Upscaled Terrain Textures mod created by Klabber largely fixes these shortcomings by boosting the texture resolution of terrain. The Hisui region’s lush environments now pop and look fuller by going from 256×256 resolution to 1024×1024.

Cinematic colors

Pokemon Legends Arceus Bolching's Cinematic Reshade preset mod screenshot.Bolching
Pokemon Legends now comes to life with vibrant colors.

Despite the Hisui region’s colorful landscapes, Game Freak chose to go for a muted color scheme. Depending on the time of day, the game can look washed out at times.

The Bolching’s Cinematic Reshade Preset mod by Bolching adds saturation and a vibrant palette to make the game have a more cinematic look and feel to it.

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Improved Wyrdeer riding

Pokemon Legends Arceus Wyrdeer Slope fix Mod by Younes-Bel screenshot.Younes-Bel
Wyrdeer can now gallop up slopes.

Pokemon Legends Arceus really opens up for players once they unlock the Wyrdeer mount. The only problem is, the Noble Pokemon often gets caught on hills or rocks.

The Wyrdeer Slope Fix mod by Younes-Bel is the perfect solution as it allows the majestic creature to be able to gallop and hop over pesky terrain. Climbing up mountains with the ‘mon actually looks natural as well.

Wisp locations

Pokemon Legends Arceus Wisp Markers mody by Sweeney screenshot.Sweeney
No more hunting for Wisps.

As Trainers progress through the story, they will unlock Request 22: Eerie Apparitions in the Night which leads to an encounter with Spiritomb. To complete the mission, however, players need to find 107 Wisps scattered throughout Hisui.

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The Wisp Markers mod by Sweeney makes this overwhelming task much easier to handle as it allows users to toggle special Wisp location markers on your map.

Better Pokemon battles

Pokemon Legends Arceus Quality of Life Enhancement mod by Zero-Chan screenshot.Zero-Chan
Pokemon battles no longer have black bars around the edges.

While the black bars around Pokemon battles certainly give a more cinematic feel, some players may prefer a full view of their surroundings while facing down their foes. Multi-battles can also sometimes get cluttered.

The Quality of Life Enhancements mod by Zero-Chan fixes this by giving Trainers the option to toggle off the black bars. The mod is also packed full of other improvements such as better draw-distance and fixing frame rate problems for ‘mon far away on the map.

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Dynamic skies

Pokemon Legends Arceus Sky & Moon Improvement mod by NullPointer screenshot.NullPointer
This mod gives the Hisui region dynamic sky conditions.

The Hisui region can look stunning at times, especially when the sky shifts into color during the changing time of day or night.

The Sky & Moon Improvement mod by NullPointer takes this to the next level by adding more dynamic sky conditions. From improved stars to wispy clouds, this modification gives Pokemon Legends more visual variety.

Better Braviary mechanics

Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian Braviary Fly screenshotThe Pokemon Company
Braviary replaces Fly HM in Legends.

Trainers who make it to the back half of the story will eventually unlock the Braviary mount which allows you to soar across the skies of Hisui. Unfortunately, the Noble Pokemon is a bit tricky to use as it constantly drops in altitude and can not fly back upwards.

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The Better Braviary mod by Sweeney completely overhauls the bird and gives it more flexibility. Players will be able to take flight with ease as they will no longer lose altitude when boosting speed or diving.