5 changes Pokemon Go needs in next update, picked by players

Dylan Horetski
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Unsplash: @davidgrdm/Niantic

Although it’s been five years since the release of Pokemon Go, fans feel like Niantic still has quite a few features they should add to the game. Here are the top five changes players feel the game needs, thanks to Reddit. 

Pokemon Go was released during the Summer of 2016 and absolutely took the world by storm. Trainers everywhere were ecstatic to be able to catch their favorite Pokemon everywhere they went while fighting in gyms across the world.

Although the game has been out for over five years, fans still feel like Niantic can add quite a few features to Pokemon Go to help gameplay in one way or another.

Thanks to a viral post on the game’s subreddit, we have the top five most requested features that trainers would like to see Niantic add to the game.

pokemon go tour 2022
Pokemon Go Tour: Johto begins in early 2022.

5. Automated gift sending in mass

The only way to send gifts to your friends on Pokemon Go is to manually go through your friend list and choose who you wish to send a gift to.

The downside of doing it manually is that players may often run into friends who haven’t opened their previous gift, making it impossible to send a new one. An automated sending option would bypass this issue, as it would be able to tell who is eligible for a new gift.

4. Make Rocket Radar pieces not count towards bag storage

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If a trainer has yet to spend any coins towards upgrading their bag storage limits in the shop, they may often find themselves having to clear out items in order to hold the six pieces required to make one.

Making Rocket Radar pieces not count towards their storage would allow them to keep other necessary items, like lures and Pokeballs.

3. Raid Now button

When a trainer enters a raid, they are met with a 120-second count down to get their team ready. With 287 upvotes on the suggestion on Reddit, it appears fans are tired of waiting the whole time and would like a button to instantly start the battle.

This feature was added into Niantic’s Harry Potter game before the development of that stopped, so it shouldn’t be hard to bring over to Pokemon Go.

2. Ability to send a friend request inside of a gym

youtube pokemon go raid lobby

The only way to send a friend request to Pokemon Go trainers is to receive their full trainer code or scan their accompanying QR code with your phone.

If Niantic added the ability to tap on a player within a raid battle to send a friend request, it would allow players to grow their list while battling remotely.

1. Raid lobby count display on the map

With 824 upvotes, this suggestion is by far the most agreed with. Trainers all over the world want Niantic to add a counter onto the map that displays how many people are in a raid lobby. This would help players find gyms during community raids, among other things.

If you’d like to check out the rest of the suggestions, or even suggest your own, head over to the original post on Reddit. Alternatively, you can head over to Dexerto’s Pokemon hub to check out more Pokemon Go tips, tricks, and news.