4 exciting things that have yet to be revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield

As the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield edges ever closer, there are still several exciting parts of the game that have yet to be revealed.

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So far, 20 new Pokemon have been confirmed for Gen 8, which vary between brand new Pokemon and Galarian forms of existing ones. Among those are two legendary Pokemon – Zamazenta and Zacian.

We have also been given a fairly extensive look at the Galar region with the latest trailer highlighting buildings such as Pokemon Centers, a research lab and even a train station to travel around the British themed map. At E3 2019, we were also shown a playable preview of the many wild areas dotted around the land. 

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However, there is still plenty more to come.

Pokemon CompanyThere are still lots more Pokemon Sword and Shield details to come…
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Starter evolutions

The Gen 8 starter Pokemon – Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble – were among the first details to be revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This was all the way back in February and we have since heard nothing else about the traditional grass, fire and water-types.

Trainers are fascinated to learn what their evolved forms will look like and while we may have to wait until the release itself, this won’t curtail fans excitement.

Pokemon fans have had to make do with supposed leaks and fan art to see what they could look like. We don’t even know their evolved types yet, so there is a lot to ponder.

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Shin ArtCould Scorbunny turn into a footballer?
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We know that two of the legendary Pokemon are Zamazenta and Zacian – two wolves who embody the games’ title. These two are so legendary that they are unknown to a lot of people in the Galar.

One leak, which has already been proved correct on several fronts, claims that Eternatus is another legendary Pokemon. Another leak went even further, claiming that Eternatus is being used Oleana to reawaken it using the power omitted from Dynamax Pokemon battles. More specifically she wants to control Eternatus in order to gain omniscience.

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Pokemon CompanyDo you think the Eternatus leak is real?
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Eevee evolutions

So far we have heard absolutely nothing about the prospect of an Eevee evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield. We could hear something soon, though.

New Eevee evolutions have been added in every even generation of Pokemon games, which means, you guessed it, Gen 8 is expected to introduce more. Whether this will be one, two or even more remains to be seen.

In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with these Eevee evolved form concept designs. If the real ones are anything like this then they will be highly sought after in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Abz-ArtAn Eevee flying-type concept…
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More than the Galar region?

There’s no doubt Pokemon fans are excited to explore the Galar region. It already looks vastly different to previous Pokemon games and there will be surely some secrets to unveil along the way.

One of those secrets could lead to an entirely different region. It has been rumored that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be played not only in Galar but Kalos as well. Die hard Pokemon fans will know that this is the setting of the Pokemon X and Y games.

Kalos is based on France, which would geographically align it with Galar. There’s plenty to suggest this is true, albeit not confirmed, on top of the location of the two maps, which are highlighted in our article “Pokemon Sword and Shield to have two or more regions?

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Those were our four most exciting things we hope to see in Pokemon Sword and Shield – what are you looking forward to?