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3 ways to freshen up GO Battle League in Pokemon Go

Published: 1/Sep/2020 15:19

by Paul Cot


GO Battle League continues to be a popular avenue for Pokemon Go players to test their battling skills against one another. The success of it doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve the PvP mode, though.

The ranked battling format was first introduced in January. Since then, two seasons have passed and leaderboards have been added.

It’s clear Niantic is still striving to better the mode. That means we can expect to see plenty of changes in the coming months.

The question is, what will those changes be. Here are three ways we think GO Battle League could be given a healthy boost.

GO Battle League 6v6
Will 6v6 ever come to GO Battle League?

1. Teams of 6

This is something the more competitive, experienced trainers would like to see. Currently, all GO Battle League matches are fought with three Pokemon.

This is great – mostly – as it allows for short and snappy battles, meaning they don’t last too long. However, the short nature of them and reliance on each selection brings lady luck into the equation a little bit too much.

For example, if your lead Pokemon is completely outmatched by your opponent’s, it is difficult to make a comeback from that position. This is especially true if playing a high-level trainer who will maximize that early advantage.

A 6v6 battle alleviates this problem as it will reduce the variance of battle. It would also add a ‘main event’ feel to the battle a la what we see in the mainline games and in the anime.

Charmander GO Battle League
With a max CP of 980, Charmander can’t be used in GO Battle League… if want to win that is!

2. Lower level Pokemon

The lowest tier in GO Battle is Great League where trainers are limited to Pokemon at 1,500 CP or less. While this does result in a vastly different crowd to what is seen in the higher leagues, it is still high enough to exclude many species.

Not only are many Pokemon simply too weak to compete, but the meta in Great League is made up of a handful of Pokemon. This can result in repetitive matchups.

We propose an additional ‘Nice League’ – yes, we can work on the name. This could either have a limit of 1,000 CP or only include specific first evolutions and other selected Pokemon that can’t realistically be used elsewhere.

This could give the opportunity for the likes of Charmander, Mudkip, Pikachu and others to shine. It would also make keeping them worthwhile, instead of being transferred if they can’t be evolved into the powerful ‘mon you’re looking for.

GO Battle League Tournament
Pokemon Company
A GO Battle League would make for some ferocious battles!

3. Tournament play

The current format is great. It seems trainers are enjoying the difficult challenge of ascending the ranks and in some cases reaching Rank 10.

The stakes of each battle are similar, though, and you never really know how hard your opponent is trying. A way to fix that would be to introduce a tournament rather than the current league format.

We don’t know the numbers but we’d assume there is more than enough trainers searching for battles to get a tournament of 32, 64 or 128 players. Those who join can be placed in random matchups until there is only one trainer left – the champion.

This would certainly add excitement and intensity to the final battles where the stakes would be huge. Trophies could even be added to Pokemon Go to show how many tournaments each trainer has won – after all they won’t come cheaply.

None of these ideas have been discussed in any official capacity but we reckon most trainers would welcome them with open eyes. Come visit us @PokemonSwordNS if you like these ideas or have any of your own.


How to get Calyrex and Glastrier/Spectrier in the Crown Tundra DLC

Published: 23/Oct/2020 9:35

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Sword and Shield’s the Crown Tundra DLC is finally available which means trainers can get their hands on the region’s featured Legendary Pokemon, Calyrex.

Calyrex ruled all of Galar throughout ancient times, so it’s safe to say the King Pokemon will be a fantastic addition to your Pokedex. It may not appear strong at just 1.1 meters tall and 7.7kg in weight but it is highly intelligent.

In fact, it is so clever that it’s said to see every past, present, and future event. Let’s break down how to encounter Calyrex in the Crown Tundra.

Calyrex Shiny Lock
Pokemon Company
Calyrex is the featured Legendary Pokemon of the new Crown Tundra DLC…

Calyrex location

Finding The King Pokemon is a several step process. Firstly, you’ll need to get to the point of the Crown Tundra story where you obtain the Legendary Clues in Peony’s house. This is located in Freezington.

From there pick up the Wooden Crown which can be found in his living room. By sheer coincidence (or not), there is a statue just outside where the aforementioned Crown fits like a glove. This is a statue of Calyrex (without its crown) sitting on what is either Glastrier or Spectrier. Put the crown on this statue.

This will cause Calyrex to appear which will result in a battle. The dual grass and psychic-type is relatively easy to defeat.

Following this, it will want you to interact with various NPCs in Freezington to find out whether members of the community remember it for its plentiful harvest.

Calyrex will share more about its history telling you about its loyal steed – Glastrier or Spectrier (more on that below). As part of the story, you’re required to buy some Carrot Seeds.

Again, coincidentally, a NPC is selling them right by the previous NPCs. This will cost 8 Dynite Ore.

To have this amount you will have needed to have successfully won your first Dynamax Adventure. If you haven’t, you’ll need to go back and do so.

Calyrex will then want you to choose between two locations to grow the carrots. One of them is a plot of land by gravestones and the other is in a field of “pristine snow”.

Glastrier and Spectrier

This is where the other Legendary Pokemon from the Crown Tundra come into play. Spectrier and Glastrier are Horse Pokemon with different typings.

The former is a ghost-type while the latter is ice. Therefore, it will come as no surprise Calyrex summons Spectrier when you plant the Carrot Seeds by the gravestones and Glastrier when planted by the pristine snow.

Whichever one you choose will result in you battling it back in Freezington. When you defeat it, you will obtain a tuft of Mane Hair.

This will then be used to construct the Reins of Unity. To do that you’ll need to talk to Calyrex (again) – at this point, you’re getting to know each other well – and it will give you the Radiant Petal. Take both of these to the Mayor’s House and Peony will give you the Reins of Unity.

Now you can make your way to the Crown Shrine which is located at the top of the Crown Tundra. Calyrex will be waiting for you.

Place the Carrot in the Shrine and either Spectrier or Glastrier will come for it. Calyrex will take this opportunity to jump on it. After seemingly taming it, the two fuse together to create the Shadow Rider or Ice Rider fusion forms.

Calyrex Glastrier
Calyrex fuses with Glastrier/Spectrier when it jumps on it and tames it…

Reins of Unity

Now Calyrex’s fusion form is waiting for you to battle it (and capture). Although you can battle it as many times as you want, it’s probably wise to save it beforehand to avoid having to get all the way back up to the Crown Shrine.

It can be difficult to capture, so make sure you have a relatively strong team and a lot of PokeBalls. Unfortunately, Calyrex is one of the few Pokemon that are Shiny locked in the Crown Tundra, so don’t waste your time soft resetting, a Shiny isn’t going to happen!

When you do capture Calyrex’s in its Shadow or Ice Rider form, you can actually use the Reins of Unity to separate the two Pokemon. This results in two Pokedex entries!

For those asking whether you can catch both Glastrier and Spectrier, no you can’t, at least not on the same save file. The process of capturing Calyrex sounds long-winded, but it’s actually pretty simple and is naturally achieved by going through the story.