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Burger King employee arrested for stealing Pokemon cards from store

Published: 5/May/2022 5:00 Updated: 5/May/2022 5:59

by Dave Deiley


A 21-year-old Burger King employee has been arrested after being accused of stealing $150 in Pokemon cards from a Florida Walmart.

The value of Pokemon cards continues to drive people to extremes. With one man being shot by police after an attempted Pokemon card heist from Walmart.

Considering the monumental value of rare cards, with thousand-dollar sales making headlines, it’s easy to see the need for protections to be put in place for retailers like eBay.

Even on the lower end of the price spectrum, card theft is a common occurrence, with a Burger King Employee being the latest unfortunate person to get caught up in petty crime surrounding the sought-after cards.


Pokemon cards next to man being arrested in handcuffs

Walmart theft has been the downfall of a number of otherwise upstanding citizens throughout the past years.

According to a public report by the Florida News station WFLA, Brandon Syvilay was spotted leaving a local Walmart with “several packs of cards tucked into his pockets and backpack.” The complete value of the cards was found to be $149.72.

Caught entirely on CCTV, Police apprehended the Burger King worker shortly after and charged him with ‘Retail Theft’ the punishment for which can range from “fines up to $400, imprisonment or both.

The absolute worst punishment this could receive is a 16-month prison sentence, but that is reserved for repeat offenders.

With no indication of prior issues, Brandon is unlikely to see the full extent of the punishment meted out.


Pokemon card crimes rife in 2022

So far 2022 has seen an absolute flood of Pokemon card-related crimes. The innocent cards have found themselves embroiled within a seedy underworld of forgery, scams, and theft.

This isn’t even the first theft in a Florida Walmart this year either, with a Florida man arrested for stealing hundreds of Pokemon cards in January. In February a car a thief broke into a Minnesota store, leaving with a staggering $250,000 in cards.