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FC Nantes has been confirmed as the final member of eFootball.Pro

Published: 13/Nov/2018 19:02 Updated: 13/Nov/2018 20:46

by Chantal Stewart-Jones


FC Nantes has been announced as the sixth and final club to take part in the first season of the eFootball.Pro League.

The French team joins FC Barcelona, Schalke 04, AS Monaco, Celtic FC and Boavista in the competitive Pro Evolution Soccer league.


In a press release, Franck Kita, FC Nantes CEO, said:

“FC Nantes, by embarking on PES and participating in this competition, continues its expansion in esports. We are delighted to compete against such prestigious clubs and to be at the forefront of eFootball.Pro. Already present on several games, this confirms the will of the club to position itself as an important player in this sector and share this passion with our fans.”

The move into the PES league is not FC Nantes’ first esports venture. The club already has competitors in both Rocket League and FIFA.


The eFootball.Pro League will begin on December 2, after originally being announced on November 13, 2017.

Details about the format and players for each of the six teams will be presented on November 25 on both Twitch and YouTube. 

eFootball.pro released a sweet video announcing the latest club addition featuring FC Nantes’ signature ship.


FIFA 20 players urge EA to consider a future rebuild like PES 21

Published: 16/Jul/2020 16:52

by Jacob Hale


FIFA 20 players have called for EA SPORTS to make some changes to the video game series, saying they actually want them to imitate PES for the release of FIFA 21.

For as long as sport simulators have been a thing, FIFA has been considered the superior title when it comes to football.


While PES has had some good features in the past, and decent gameplay, it never had the same reputation that FIFA does, becoming somewhat of a meme among gamers and the online community. However, an announcement made on July 15 might have changed that.

PES 25 year anniversary announcement
Konami made some major announcements to mark the game’s 25-year anniversary.

Now, players of EA’s flagship sports title are actually calling for devs to take a leaf out of Konami’s book, the PES developer, with how they approach FIFA 21 and future titles.


It was announced on July 15 that PES 21 will not be released as a full game, instead offering a low-budget option in the form of a seasonal update, forgoing an annual release for the first time since it was created as ‘J.League Jikkyou Winning Eleven” in 1995.

The next iteration of the PES franchise will be launched on a brand new Unreal Engine build, offering something much bigger for the game, but it’s actually the “season update” that FIFA players are finding themselves jealous of.

The news was promptly shared online among the FIFA community, who seemed delighted at what PES is doing, pleading with EA SPORTS to do the same.


One player said that this is “exactly what they want from this game” and that they’ll “definitely give their [PES] new engine a go when it’s out.”

Reddit comment about FIFA and PES 21
Some players are already planning to give PES a go.

Another said that FIFA has been “too much of the same recently,” hoping that Konami will reap the rewards of the change and “make EA wake up and build a decent game.”

Reddit comment about FIFA and PES 21
Some players believe this will be a big wake up call for EA SPORTS.

Meanwhile, PhoenixLordBlizzard shared the game’s official statement and urged their peers to buy it because “we can’t let EA hold us hostage like this.”


The update that Konami have provided around PES 21 has clearly got many players seriously considering making the switch when the next iteration of games come out. The big question is, will the former be able to capitalize on the support they’re currently garnering?

Let us know at @UltimateTeamUK if you’ll be getting PES for the new “season update” or if you’re going to be going for FIFA 21 when it releases this October.