Zenyatta has a “secret” Star Wars voice line in Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment/Lucasarts

There are plenty of hidden voice lines and interactions in Overwatch and now players have found that Zenyatta makes a Star Wars reference on Horizon Lunar Colony.

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Star Wars is one of the most well-known sci-fi movie franchises of all time so it’s no surprise Overwatch contains a nod to the legendary films.

There’s no better character to give the Star Wars easter egg too then Zenyatta either, who’s arguably the Overwatch character most in touch with the Force.

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What’s the easter egg?

In the attacking spawn on Horizon Lunar Colony there’s a giant telescope pointed at Earth that each hero can look through and say a unique voice line as they do.

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Reddit user Mariangiongiangela put two and two together and realized Zenyatta’s line, “The damage doesn’t look as bad from up here,” is a reference to Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope.

Specifically, the scene in the beginning of the movie when C-3PO and R2-D2 are in an escape pod and C-3PO says: “That’s funny, the damage doesn’t look as bad from out here.”

The voice line definitely wasn’t added recently, but players are just starting to realize the connection to Star Wars.

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Star Wars x Overwatch crossover?

Unfortunately, there probably won’t be a Star Wars Overwatch event in the near future, since Blizzard has never really gone after tie in events like that for the game.

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The next Overwatch event up after Archives is Anniversary, which usually begins in late May, a couple of weeks after the current event ends.

We don’t know exactly what heroes will be getting new skins for Anniversary, but during a stream after the release of Storm Rising Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan teased a new D.Va skin coming for the event that would “break the internet.”