YouTuber Creates Hilarious Alex Jones Overwatch Voiceover Parody

by Joe O'Brien


A YouTuber has created a hilarious video using conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to voice every Overwatch hero.

Alex Jones is a controversial American radio show host known for outlandish conspiracy theories. With a distinctive delivery style and a penchant for ridiculous statements, Alex Jones is a popular target for memes and parodies.


One recent example comes from YouTuber CamDeeGaming, who has produced a video using voice clips from Alex Jones as voiceover lines for all twenty-six Overwatch heroes.

Not only is the video hilarious, it’s also remarkably on point, with the creator having identified audio clips for each hero that perfectly fit with each character.


Highlights include “Let's have this knife fight for no reason, this is a really great idea!" for Genji, “I’m a secret agent! I’m a secret agent! I’m a secret agent!” for Tracer, and even some unintelligible beeps for Bastion.