YouTube labels Roadhog “derogatory” as Overwatch 2’s Hog meta continues

Roadhog animated in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

With Roadhog continuing to dominate the Overwatch 2 meta and streamers constantly talking about him, it seems like YouTube has somehow deemed the tank hero a “derogatory” term.

Roadhog has been the meta dominant tank for quite some time now and a big reason why comes from Kiriko being able to remove any status effects that make him vulnerable.

Although the developers have indicated plans to nerf the 700 HP mass of meat and his ability to one-shot targets, those changes won’t be coming until later in January, resulting in Hog going unchecked in ranked.

As such, he’s been an integral part of the community discussion, but now, it appears that YouTube isn’t letting streamers and creators profit as much off of his competitive dominance.

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OW2 RoadhogBlizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch 2 devs haven’t nerfed Roadhog just yet.

OW2 streamer says YouTube labeled Roadhog a “derogatory” term

In a series of tweets, popular Overwatch streamer and legendary tank main ‘Flats’ revealed that YouTube was limiting ads on his videos despite not including a single swear word.

“My video from today has ZERO swears in it but the auto CC thinks someone said a swear at around 6 seconds in,” he commented.

After some time, the streamer appeared to find the culprit and revealed that the video platform has somehow decided that the word ‘Roadhog’ was derogatory.

“Even YouTube has deemed Roadhog unethical!” Flats exclaimed.

In the comments, fans and fellow creators jokingly applauded the decision as a “W” by YouTube.

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“All my homies hate Roadhog,” memed support specialist Kayjii.

“I’m wondering if this is because of the sexual undertones of the word ‘hog’ or if it’s because there are bigger YouTubers who use ‘hog’ as a word to make fun of conservatives,” someone else theorized.

Whatever the case, hopefully, Blizzard’s long-awaited mid-season patch won’t be far away and we can finally put this Hog meta and the YouTube issues that come with it behind us.