xQc left stunned by annoying Overwatch glitch while playing Reinhardt

Scott Robertson
Twitch: xQc / Blizzard

The former Overwatch pro turned Twitch megastar Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s Overwatch Season 21 placement matches took a downward turn when the experienced Tank player was surprised by an unfortunate glitch on the Hollywood map.

Overwatch giveth, and Overwatch taketh away, and few people experience this rule more frequently than xQc.

While no longer gracing the stage of the Overwatch League, the French-Canadian streaming star still queues up for placements each new season.

Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment
A veteran of OWL, xQc’s streaming career has grown immensely.

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Six hours into his on-stream grind, xQc was off to a great start in his Tank placement matches, sitting at 7-2 heading into his tenth match.

Tasked with stopping the payload on Hollywood, his Reinhardt squared off against the same hero on the enemy team, but an unfortunate glitch completely derailed the former pro’s momentum.

He attempted a charge, but his character model collided with the wooden post of the porch that he was standing on, causing no damage to the enemy and resetting the ability’s cooldown.

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xQc was flummoxed by this, but if you slow down the clip and pause at the point of impact, he has every right to be. When Reinhardt is stopped, you can clearly see that he’s shouldn’t be hitting the post. In fact, he’s not even that close.

Frustrated, xQc’s fight with the enemy Reinhardt goes about poorly as it possibly could. His Earthshatter ultimate gets blocked by his enemy’s shield, and their Fire Strike pierces right through his shield, dropping him.

The streamer didn’t take too kindly to his chat mocking him after the play. “Why are you making fun of me?” he asked. “It literally bugged, the game literally f**king bugged. I’m not kidding.”

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After the round was complete, xQc went back and looked at the clip to prove to his chat that it was a bug, and his stunned expression tells the whole story.

But despite the bug-induced frustration, he would still won the match — claiming his eighth of the day in the final seconds of sudden death. He finished the day 10-2 in matches playing Tank… A productive day, all things considered.