xQc is trying to control his notorious temper in return to streaming Overwatch

by Joe O'Brien



It seems Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is trying his best to reduce his “toxic” behavior in Overwatch.


After being suspended for “toxic behavior” in November 2018, xQc took a lengthy break from Overwatch, instead streaming a variety of games or simply chatting and watching videos with his audience.

On January 10, however, he at last officially returned to the game he made his name in, despite claiming during his absence that he might be permanently finished with it.

Famous for his enraged outbursts, xQc has been involved in a number of controversies stemming in some part at least from failing to control his temper.


It seems, however, that xQc is doing his best to learn from his mistakes. While playing one of his placement matches on Volskaya, he almost lost his temper after a frustrating death, but managed to spin it into a positive message.

“You’re such a piece of…” he yelled, before catching himself and finishing with “…nice person. I love you.” xQc then went on to wish the player in question a good day.


Unfortunately, the game did eventually get the better of xQc, who couldn’t contain himself after his team suffered a loss while he was still contesting the payload.