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Overwatch • Oct 11, 2018

xQc hits out at the Overwatch community after being called “mean” for criticizing a team-mate

xQc hits out at the Overwatch community after being called “mean” for criticizing a team-mate
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had some strong words for his viewers after being criticized for “being mean” to a team-mate in ranked Overwatch.


In response, xQc expressed his frustration at the way the Overwatch community judges words compared to in-game actions, which he argues are a much worse offence.

xQc came onto the topic following a loss in ranked play, after which someone in his Twitch chat called him out for being “mean” to one of his team-mates. xQc had criticized the player in question at the end of the game for taking a DPS position despite being the lowest-ranked player on the team by a significant margin.

After explaining that he thought the lower-ranked player locking in DPS over one of the higher-ranked players had cost the game, which xQc felt was more harmful than anything he could have said.


“He thought he could carry more than this guy could carry him. That’s the mentality. So we’ve all suffered a loss and we’re all mad and we’re all upset. How is that not mean? I lost points, that’s fucking mean dude. I could say a billion words to this guy, it wouldn’t be as mean as losing the fucking game”

xQc is no stranger to the consequences words can have. During his time in the Overwatch League, he suffered multiple suspensions and fines as a result of things he said on his stream. He ultimately left the Overwatch League entirely, subsequently becoming a full-time streamer.

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