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xQc discovers confusing Reinhardt bug during Overwatch match

Published: 1/Apr/2019 22:01 Updated: 1/Apr/2019 22:29

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer Felix ‘Overwatch when his Reinhardt shield started acting strangely during a round on Blizzard World.

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xQc used to play in the Overwatch League for the Dallas Fuel before parting ways with the team roughly a year ago. Since then, he’s stuck to streaming and while he doesn’t play Overwatch 24/7 anymore, he still finds time to head back to the game every so often.

During a stream on March 31, Felix battled a stream sniper before hopping into ranked play and running into a weird Reinhardt bug on Blizzard World.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe bug appeared during a match on Blizzard World.
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Keep those shields up no matter what

As xQc and his team pushed the payload towards the end of the second stage, they ran into the other team and the fight began.


Everything went as expected at first, but when xQc’s Reinhardt shield ran out, noticed something strange had happened.

Instead of being activated by xQc, his shield seems to do whatever it wants, even with xQc swinging the hammer away.

“What the fuck, what the, what’s happening?” the streamer asked no one in particular before laughing at the glitch.

From the clip it’s clear the shield is activated and blocking damage, even though Felix wasn’t using the ability.

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How serious is the bug?

The glitch seemed to be a one-time thing since it didn’t show up again at all for xQc during the remainder of his stream and the match on Blizzard World, which his team was able to win.


There’s been no widespread complaints or reports about a new bug with Reinhardt’s shield, so this could be just a weird one-time occurrence.

It certainly doesn’t seem to be a major issue facing players, so it will be interesting to see if Blizzard does anything about it at all.