Wrecking Ball’s Emotes and Highlights Revealed on the Overwatch PTR

The emotes and highlights for new Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball are now available on the PTR.

The latest hero to be added to Overwatch, Wrecking Ball is still in the public testing phase prior to his full release to the live servers.

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Wrecking Ball is arguably Overwatch’s most bizzare hero yet – which is saying something – and managed to largely surprise a community that has typically had Blizzard’s hints figured out long before the official reveal, although there were those that had proposed what turned out to be an accurate theory.

The battle-mech from which the “Wrecking Ball” name is derived is piloted by Hammond, who had previously been mentioned as a subject at Horizon Lunar Colony more than a year in advance of his eventual reveal as a playable character. The twist, however, was that Hammond wasn’t a primate as most had assumed, but a hamster.

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Blizzard is having fun with one of its more absurd hero concepts, with many of Wrecking Ball’s emotes and highlight intros rather tongue-in-cheek in tone. You can see the full set below:

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Touch Down


Pop Up