Winston’s alt fire trick has Overwatch 2 players stunned

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Winston’s incredible alt-fire mode in Overwatch 2 has longtime players stunned because of its raw power.

A genetically enhanced gorilla, Winston counted among the original characters included in Overwatch’s 2016 launch. The tank hero has long been a fan favorite, so many were thrilled to learn of his return for Overwatch 2.

Like every other character, Winston joined the Overwatch 2 roster with a few new tricks up his sleeve. One such change involved the introduction of a secondary fire for the Tesla Cannon, which allows players to fire off a focused electricity burst.

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Recent displays of the alt-fire option in action have some players ready to give the super-intelligent gorilla another chance.

Winston’s alt fire in Overwatch 2 stuns players

Reddit user Drunken_Queen shared a replay of Winston in Overwatch 2, wherein the character earns an impressive 10-kill streak. And it’s all thanks to the Tesla Cannon’s secondary fire option.

Throughout the short video, it’s clear that the alt fire can prove rather devastating at both close range and from a distance.

Based on the Reddit thread’s comments, it seems the footage shocked a good number of viewers, especially those who weren’t aware of Winston’s alt-fire capabilities.

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“Can I be honest? I forget he can do that sometimes, the alt fire,” one person wrote. Someone else responded to the comment with, “Wait what the f**k. I never knew he could do this.”

“The right-click zap,” as one player described it, has others eager to give Winston a shot. Said one user, “This makes me want to try Winston.”

Winston may not count among the most-picked Overwatch 2 characters, yet it appears his secondary firing mode could change minds as time goes on.

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