Widowmaker’s new skin for Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Event really goes after the gold

by Bill Cooney


Widowmaker’s new legendary skin for this year’s Winter Wonderland event event has everyone’s favorite sniper going for gold in the Biathlon.

So far, we’ve seen “Snowboarder” Zarya, “Arctic Fox” Lucio, and “Sugar Plum Fairy” Mercy revealed for the 2018 Winter event.

Widowmaker’s skin follows the same winter sports theme as Zarya’s this year, but in a competition much more suited to the sniper’s skill set.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment

Widowmaker’s skin this year is called “Biathlon”, after the sport that combines target shooting and cross country skiing - so it’s a perfect fit for Overwatch’s favorite sniper.

She’s got a beanie, some goggles, and her rifle has even been modified to make it similar to those actually used by biathlon athletes.

Since it’s a legendary, it will cost 3,000 coins to buy if players aren’t lucky enough to get one in a loot box.

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event starts on December 11 this year, and we're sure to see a few more skins before then.