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Why D.Va can’t eat Sigma’s Accretion with Defense Matrix in Overwatch

Published: 20/Aug/2019 20:45 Updated: 20/Aug/2019 20:57

by Bill Cooney


Sigma is the newest Overwatch hero, and players are wondering why his Accretion ability seems to have different rules than almost every other projectile in the game.

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Accretion throws a pile of debris (AKA a big-ass rock) across the map, dealing damage and stunning whoever it hits.

Unlike other projectiles in the game, Accretion cannot be eaten by D.Va’s Defense Matrix or Deflected by Genji, which has left some players scratching their heads.

Accretion basically throws a huge rock at opponents, damaging and stunning them.
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So, why can’t D.Va eat Accretion?

Unlike other projectiles (like  Pharah’s rockets, for example), Sigma’s Accretion is considered a “Buildable” in Overwatch – like Torbjorn or Symmetra’s turrets.


“If you want to get technical about it, then the Rock is considered a ‘Buildable’ inside the game, not a projectile,” Reddit user Bhu124 said in a thread on the topic. “Just like Hammond mines, Sym turrets, Torb turret, Bap drone. Which is also why Genji can’t deflect it, just like he can’t deflect turrets or mines or the drone.”

Blizzard EntertainmentBaptiste’s drone can’t be eaten by Defense Matrix either.
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D.Va can’t eat Hammond’s mines, Baptiste’s Immortality Field, or any of the other things listed, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t be able to eat Sigma’s accretion, either.

Unlike other buildables, Sigma’s accretion doesn’t have any health, so it can’t be destroyed in flight before it reaches its target.


It can be stopped by a shield from Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa or Zarya, so if you find yourself going up against a rock-happy Sigma, sticking with shield tanks may be your best bet.

Blizzard EntertainmentReinhardt: your new best friend in the fight against Sigma.
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How do we deal with Accretion, then?

Sigma is still a relatively new hero, so Blizzard could make changes to his kit like they’ve done with other heroes in the past.

Barring that though, Accretion is pretty easily seen and it doesn’t move super fast, so dodging it should be no problem as long as you have enough of a heads up.

However, Sigma players, like Reddit user triggz (who provided the clip below), have gotten the hang of the long range Accretion shots, which makes avoiding it a lot more difficult unless you look up.


via Gfycat

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Thus, it seems like Sigma’s Accretion is taking a little bit to get used to for players, especially D.Va and Genji mains, who are used to being able to negate projectile damage.