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When Does Overwatch’s Competitive Season 11 End?

Published: 25/Aug/2018 13:02 Updated: 25/Aug/2018 13:10

by Vincent Genova


Overwatch has a seasonal competitive playlist that ranks players based on their skill level and offers rewards such as sprays, icons and golden weapons.

Find out when the Season 11 Competitive ends and when you can start playing again in Season 12.

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An Overwatch Comp season typically lasts around a month and Season 11 is winding down.

Overwatch Competitive Season 11 End Date

Overwatch’s 11th Competitive Season will end on August 28 at 6:00 PM EDT (3:00PM PDT, 22:00 GMT).

If you played during Season 11, you will earn an icon and a spray, The items will appear in your inventory automatically when you log on some time after the Season closes.


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Additionally, you will earn Competitive Points. These points can be used to unlock golden weapons for a character.

The amount of Competitive Points you will earn depends on your final rank, Bronze players will earn 65 CP and the number increases all the way up to 1750 CP for Grand Masters. It will cost 3,000 CP to unlock a gold weapon.

Finally, those interested in Competitive Lucio Ball will have until August 30, when the Overwatch Summer Games ends. All the Summer Skins will go away on August 30 as well, so unlock them while you can if you have the points.


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Overwatch Competitive Season 12 Start Date

You will not have to wait long to get back into Competitive Overwatch, Season 12 will begin shortly after Season 11 closes.

Competitive Overwatch Season 12 will start on August 31 at 6:00 PM EDT (3:00 PM PDT, 22:00 GMT).

You can expect the Overwatch Competitive Season 12 to come to close around the end of September.