When does Overwatch season 28 start? Season 27 end date: Rumors, Anniversary Event

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When does Overwatch Season 27 end and Season 28 begin? The answer is, pretty soon! So, find out everything you need to know right here.

Overwatch’s 27th season is drawing to a close, and it’s safe to say we’ve seen a lot of content drop in what has been a pretty short time.

Due to technical issues delaying the transition from Season 26 to 27, this season has had a pretty short lifespan. Regardless of that, though, we’ve seen the PachiMarchi Challenge and Archives drop during the two months that 27 has encompassed.

As this season hurtles towards its conclusion, we’ve got all the important dates that you need to know in order to make sure you end Overwatch Season 27 in style and start Season 28 off with a bang.

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PachiMarchi was a totally new event, and it was equal parts fun and adorable.

When does Overwatch Season 27 end?

Blizzard have officially concluded the Archives event as of April 27, which means that the current season will be ending sometime soon.

If past seasons are anything to go by, we can expect Overwatch Season 27 to end in early May, with our guess being May 6.

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The new season mainly effects competitive Overwatch players.

When does Overwatch Season 28 start?

As we know, the transition from one season to another is usually pretty seamless. As Season 27 ends, Season 28 will begin.

However, it’s obviously worth bearing in mind that this wasn’t quite the case last time around, with delays meaning Season 27 released late.

This may just be a one-off, however, so fingers crossed the transition between 27 and 28 is a lot smoother!

Little Red Ashe Anniversary Skin 2020 OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
The iconic Little Red Ashe will be available this season!

New content coming in Season 28

Season 28 includes the fan favorite Anniversary event. To celebrate the title’s fifth birthday, fans can pick up some of Overwatch’s most creative skins and cosmetics – so long as you’ve got the coin to do so.

The event normally lasts from early late May until early June, so you’ve still got some time to grind and save up that currency!

We’ll also likely see some new character specific Challenges, as well as some Overwatch League-related content as the game’s premium esports tournament continues to get underway.

So that’s it for Overwatch’s newest season! Make sure you check back with our Overwatch hub as the Season progresses so that you don’t miss out!