What Overwatch could look like on Nintendo Switch handheld mode

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Ever since Overwatch on Switch announcement came right at the beginning of the September 4 Nintendo Direct – after several leaks had teased it several weeks prior.

Now that we know Overwatch is headed to the Switch, players immediately began wondering what the game would look like in 720p and 30 fps on the console’s handheld mode.

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What will Overwatch actually look like on the Switch?

Reddit user Owlero decided to see what Overwatch would look like on the Switch’s handheld mode by taking a clip from the game and editing it to run at 30 fps and at 720p, just like it will on the Switch.

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Owlero performed their test using the PS4, so the final Switch version could look slightly different, but in all honesty the results don’t look as bad as people are fearing.

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There is a slight foggy effect to Owlero’s video, but it’s unknown if that was caused by the settings or is just a byproduct of the video editing process.

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    At the time of writing though, all issues with both games appear to have been resolved, but it’s probably smart to be safe when queueing up for Competitive, just in case.

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    Overwatch comes to the Nintendo Switch on October 15, so we’re sure to see some gameplay from the new port come out before then to confirm what it will actually play like.

    Until then, players will just have to hope that the Switch can handle Overwatch, but at least Owlero’s demonstration shows it might not be that bad after all.

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