Weird Overwatch spot makes Zarya’s ultimate vanish on King’s Row

Florida Mayhem Zarya on King's RowBlizzard Entertainment

Zarya’s Graviton Surge can be one of Overwatch’s most impactful ultimates, but using it at the wrong spot on King’s Row can prove to be completely wasteful.

Graviton Surge deals some damage over time and locks enemies caught in its radius in place for a short span, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

It can be one of the best team-wipe ultimates when combined with a Hanzo Dragon Strike, Tracer Pulse Bomb, or other ability.

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On King’s Row in particular, where teams often run Reinhardt, Zarya helps immensely as she pairs extremely well with the German tank hero.

Overwatch's ZaryaBlizzard Entertainment
Zarya players should be careful on King’s Row.

That all said, it’s important to be careful in the event you try to use the ultimate on the last bend of King’s Row on Point C.

As Twitch streamer Tommathan discovered, Point C has some small gaps just big enough for projectiles to fall off, but not heroes themselves.

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The portion of the map is incredibly narrow, so many players may not even be aware that it’s possible for Zarya to fire her ultimate through the map.

Considering how expensive Zarya’s ultimate is, the fact it can be accidentally thrown away like this is quite troubling and not something that Blizzard can easily fix as it’s a map design issue, not a bug or glitch.

Next time you’re playing Zarya on King’s Row, it would be best to consider there’s a possibility that your ultimate could go through the map and be wasted in this exact spot.

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While the chances of it happening could be slim, it’s still something to keep in mind and act accordingly – especially as holding this bend on Point C can be the difference between victory and defeat.

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