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Weird Overwatch emote bug lets Doomfist reach new heights on Junkertown

Published: 24/May/2020 23:29

by Theo Salaun


Doomfist was already one of Overwatch’s most mobile DPS heroes, but a new bug has been discovered that enables the hero to surpass intended verticality.

Practically every single one of Doomfist’s abilities engenders some movement. From Seismic Slam to Rising Uppercut, and Rocket Punch to Meteor Strike, the big puncher is all about that mobile action. 

But, as discovered by Rufinian and shown by ‘Asetixx’ on Reddit, even one of his emotes can be used for DPS vertical movement typically only offered to heroes like Pharah and Echo. This cannot have been intended by Blizzard’s developers when envisaging their unique hero on Junkrat and Roadhog’s hometown map, Junkertown.


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Doomfist’s Rising Uppercut is the hero’s principal ability devoted to upward mobility.

In Doomfist’s “Intimidate” emote, the hero casually walks around in a fittingly intimidating fashion—cracking his neck and flexing his fist along the way. In a surprise twist of intimidation, it has been revealed that there is a spot at Junkertown’s first checkpoint in which the emote will allow the hero to walk upward along a wall, instead of the typical horizontal meandering.

In a game that fits a world of fantasy where time travel and reanimation are no surprises, this trick somehow defies the laws of physics (and gravity) to a whole new level.


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Doomfist emote trick on junkertown credit: Rufinian from Overwatch


While mounted atop a low surface next to the large gateway that the payload must pass through on the map’s first checkpoint, the emote allows Doomfist to bizarrely travel upward—like he’s been granted passage on an invisible elevator akin to Wonder Woman’s invisible car.

At the peak of his voyage, the hero is feet above the “Junkertown” sign, high enough to comfortably jump onto the ledge that must typically only be accessed by the surrounding stairwells.

The first checkpoint along the payload’s route in Junkertown.

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It’s not the sort of bug that can be abused in very practical manners, as it takes time (although not quite as long as the stairwell might take) and leaves the hero a sitting duck for opposing players. But it does certainly raise some questions.


For one, mains will be curious to know if this bug can be abused on other maps—like Eichenwalde and Hanamura, where finding surprising flanking routes can help attacking teams shock their opponents and bypass a narrow choke.

As of yet, there have been no other instances of this bug recorded and Blizzard has yet to comment—but we’re sure there will still be a fix for this seemingly unintended trick in the weeks to come.