Weird Overwatch bug allows Mei to sabotage Baptiste’s Immortality Field

Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch clip seems to show a bug or at least a very bizarre interaction between Mei’s Ice Wall and Baptiste’s Immortality Field drone.

Immortality Field is one of the most powerful abilities in Overwatch, at least when it goes where it’s supposed to.

One of the first lessons in Baptiste 101 is if a player isn’t in the line of sight of the Immortality Field drone, they won’t be in its protective aura. Mei’s Ice Wall can definitely block the field of view, but it can apparently shut down the ability altogether.

Blizzard EntertainmentBaptiste’s Immortality Field can prevent teammates from dying, as long as they stay in its AOE.

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A new clip from Overwatch Twitch streamer mL7support is called a glitch and definitely shows a weird interaction between the Ice Wall and Baptiste’s immortality drone.

While Baptiste is up on the high ground, he attempts to throw his Immortality Field down to keep Reinhardt alive from the impending Zarya ultimate, but the enemy Mei wall had other ideas.

She sent her wall up almost at the same time as Baptiste threw his drone down and instead of deploying immediately, it fell down and activated in a completely useless position under the ice.

“Where did you go lamp?” mL7 asked as he watched a replay of the match on Twitch, before realizing what happened. “Are you f**king kidding me?”

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But was it really a glitch?

Mei’s Ice Wall can definitely block the Immortality Field and block the drone’s flightpath, but it shouldn’t eat it like in the clip unless the drone was thrown directly down.

If the player was aiming out away towards point and not down, you would think the drone would make it, since Baptiste is higher then the top point of the wall when it’s thrown.

In either case, the drone was definitely denied from having any sort of impact on the outcome of the fight, which is why when your Baptiste going against a Mei, it’s good to save your Immortality Field until her wall is safely on cooldown.

If Mei places her wall just right she can deny Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

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Mei’s wall did receive a recent update on the PTR that makes it show progressive damage, but that wasn’t live at the time this so-called “glitch” was clipped, so it couldn’t have caused what happened either.