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Unique Wrecking Ball skin would be perfect for Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Published: 2/Dec/2019 11:40 Updated: 2/Dec/2019 11:41

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch fan has created a “Snow Globe” skin concept for Wrecking Ball that would be perfect for the upcoming Winter Wonderland event.

The new cosmetics on offer are often a major highlight of events for Overwatch players, but many will go one step further by coming up with their own designs for new skins that would fit the theme of a particular event.

With Winter Wonderland the next event on the calendar – typically starting between December 11-13, although Blizzard have yet to announce an official date for 2019 – Overwatch fan Devygone has created a skin concept for the event that would see Wrecking Ball transformed into a walking snow globe.


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The central sphere of the Wrecking Ball mech has become a transparent globe complete with snowman and falling snow, while its various appendages appear in a festive red adorned with snowflakes. Hammond is even wearing a santa hat.

DevygoneDevygone’s concept imagines Wrecking Ball as a walking snow globe.

The skin would fit in perfectly with the festive event and undoubtedly be among the more popular offerings for the hero, but whether Blizzard would ever actually implement a skin like this is another matter.

In order to pull off the effect properly, a ‘Snow Globe’ Wrecking Ball skin would likely have to be the first truly dynamic skin, with the features inside the globe moving along with the hero and perhaps even offering a degree of transparency.


Blizzard EntertainmentWinter Wonderland will bring some limited time game modes along with a selection of new skins.

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While it would certainly be step beyond any existing skins, Blizzard have created looks with their own unique quirks before – for example, Pharah’s ‘Enchanted Armor’ skin collapses into multiple pieces when she dies.

Blizzard have yet to officially reveal any of the new looks coming for this year’s Winter Wonderland, although it seems like that the ‘Lich King’ Sigma skin shown off at BlizzCon will be among the set, with the icy appearance certainly fitting the winter aesthetic.