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Amazing Overwatch controller makes players “Naruto run” to play Moira

Published: 25/Sep/2019 0:35 Updated: 25/Sep/2019 0:56

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch fan and tinkerer ATwerkinYoshi has created a marvel of video game engineering: a controller that requires players to actually Naruto run to move Moira around and use her abilities.

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It’s well established in Overwatch lore that Moira is a gigantic weeb (AKA an obsessive fan of Japanese animation) through her sprays and animations that draw from various anime series.

The most iconic of these is her Naruto run – where she runs similar to the protagonist of the popular anime series Naruto, who is often depicted sprinting with his arms stretched behind him.

ohnickelMoira’s sprays contain a number of anime references, like this one from Neon Genesis Evangelion.[ad name=”article2″]

A Moira meme brought to life

Recently, the internet was abuzz about the “Area 51 Raid”, with some memes suggesting people “Naruto run past the guards” to reach the restricted military facility in the Nevada desert.


Jumping on the craze, Overwatch posted a gif of Moira Naruto running through the desert, which was liked and retweeted by more people than actually went to the “raid” in September (which according to the BBC, was only attended by a “few dozen” truth-seekers).

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With the power of memes on his side, Reddit user ATwerkinYoshi decided to create a controller that requires you to Naruto run yourself in order to move Moira around.

Using the Xbox Kinect, Yoshi mapped Moira’s abilities to the system’s motion controls and included a Wii Nunchuk to act as the mouse for aiming.


The Nunchuk also controls Moira’s healing and Biotic Grasp primary fires and to top it all off, he also made her ultimate activate with a T pose.

I made a Controller that makes you have to Naruto Run to play as Moria from r/Overwatch

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Besides being the best way to play Moira we’ve ever seen, the Naruto run controller also looks like it gives you a pretty good workout, since you have to constantly run in place while using it.

Yoshi definitely looked winded after an actual match using the controller, but it looks like so much fun – getting that tired is probably worth it.

The Naruto run system joins a long line of unique ways to play Overwatch, including a teapot for Ana, baguette for Widow, boxing gloves for doomfist and even actual salt that instantly removed salty players from the game.


Blizzard EntertainmentMoira mains can now Naruto run to their heart’s content, thanks to ATwerkinYoshi.
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Moira was also included in the massive September 24 Overwatch PTR patch, where she sees a reduction in self-healing from her Biotic Grasp (reduced from 30 to 20 health per second).

She may have gotten nerfed, but hopefully the hilarious and brilliant Naruto run controller from ATwerkinYoshi will soften the blow a bit.