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Overwatch • Nov 26, 2018

Twitch chat trolls Dallas Fuel Coach's Overwatch pickup games

Twitch chat trolls Dallas Fuel Coach's Overwatch pickup games

While hosting one of his regular Overwatch pick up games, Dallas Fuel Assistant Coach Justin 'Jayne' Conroy found out firsthand that Twitch chat is not to be underestimated.


Jayne recently began hosting pickup games, or PUGs, for a wide variety of players, and they've proved to be pretty popular on Twitch.

They offer the chance for players to try out new rule sets, ultimate cooldowns, and other setting changes and Twitch chat can vote on maps and other aspects of the matches.


During a recent stream, Jayne gave viewers the chance to vote between two different King of the Hill maps, LIjiang Tower and Ilios, and told chat if the vote was split 50-50, he would do a 2CP map instead.

To the surprise of Jayne, players in the PUG, and probably even some in chat, viewers managed to get the vote split exactly 50-50.

"You fuckers did it," Jayne laughed as he finished his countdown. "You actually managed to tie it, 367-367."


A man of his word, Jayne queued up a Control Point map after chat met his challenge, despite the begging and pleading from players in the PUG.

It's not the first time Twitch chat has gotten the better of Jayne, maybe now he'll finally learn to never underestimate them.

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