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Twitch bans Overwatch streamer for receiving offensive friend request

Published: 26/Nov/2019 2:58 Updated: 26/Nov/2019 5:17

by Andrew Amos


An Overwatch streamer has been suspended from Twitch after receiving a racist friend request through, which popped up during his broadcast.

During a November 24 broadcast, Overwatch streamer ‘simpleFnK’ was targeted by racist users, spamming him with friend requests notifications. 

With no immediate way to block the friend requests while he was in the middle of a match, he had to bear the barrage of insults until he could disable his notifications or turn off his stream. 

Warning: Racism

Twitch then hit the small streamer with a suspension for “hateful conduct,” although it’s unknown how long the ban is.

“It’s been 24 hours and no reply,” he said, speaking to Dexerto. “I took a quick photo in the middle of the game because I knew I would get banned for it, it’s horrible.”

SimpleFnK, who was a part of the Saudi Arabian Overwatch World Cup 2019 team, commented on the situation, saying the friend request wasn’t even sitting in his account and that he had very little control of the situation.

“The friend request has been pending the whole game in the middle of the screen, even the friend request list was empty,” he said.

Twitter: SAFEISKSASimpleFnK flew to Anaheim to play in the Overwatch World Cup 2019 with Saudi Arabia.

It’s not the first time friend requests have put Overwatch streamers in hot water. Back in March, a bevy of Overwatch League superstars, including Park ‘Saebyeolbe’ Jong-ryeol and Daniel ‘FunnyAstro’ Hathaway were targeted by trolls with racist usernames.

They would send the streamers friend requests using the “Show real name with request” feature on, and set their name to an offensive message. 

Streamers were forced to take action to stop the friend requests from popping up, including an iconic clip from Saebyeolbe dragging his camera across the top of the screen.

Warning: Racism

While there was no action taken against these bigger streamers, simpleFnK feels like his ban is having an impact on his ability to go pro in Overwatch.

“I just wanted to be known in NA since I moved there, and streaming and popping off in-game was my way to prove to them that I’m a good player.”

There is a setting within the client that allows players to turn off friend request notifications entirely. Alternatively, you can disable in-game notifications in the Options menu under the Social tab.

For now though, simpleFnK will have to wait out his suspension or hope his appeal to Twitch is successful before he can get back to streaming on the platform.


Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan explains how Priority Pass will fix queue times

Published: 16/Nov/2020 23:07

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan revealed a new system headed to the game that will hopefully help to cut down on queue times in his latest developer update.

The big Overwatch news this week is of course Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge, which will reward players with a brand new skin for the hero if they get nine wins between Nov. 17 and 30.

After filling us in on the latest story and event, Jeff revealed a brand new role queue feature that will hopefully cut down on wait times by basically offering players a way to get ahead in line.

Called the Priority Pass, Jeff explained that by going in role queue as a Flex player you’ll earn a pass that grants you a shorter wait time for a certain role.

Ashe Overwatch group
Blizzard Entertainment
Queuing Flex for any role will earn you quicker DPS times.

“If we’re being honest and direct with each other, that’s probably the Damage (DPS) role,” Kaplan laughed. “When you enter the Flex queue, you are in essence queuing for every role available — Tank, Support, Damage — and the game will put you into the role that is currently most needed to speed up queue times for everyone.”

As an extra incentive, players who win matches while in the Flex role will receive extra Priority Passes. You’ll still get them if you lose too, just not as many. Players will be limited to a maximum of 40 passes at any given time as well.

Timestamp at 2:35 for mobile viewers.


“This [40] is a number that might change, we might tune this differently,” Jeff added. “The goal of the system is to speed up queue times for everybody, and the way this is done is by highly encouraging the behavior that people queue for as many roles as possible, that’s the way to make the queue move as fast as possible.”

We don’t know exactly when this update will be going live, but Jeff did say it would be headed to the PTR “soon” before coming to the main game, so we’d keep an eye out for it sometime in the next few weeks.

Long queue times have been the bane of Role Queue’s existence since the system was introduced to Overwatch. Whether or not Priority Pass will end up cutting down on DPS waits remains to be seen, but at this point, DPS players are probably willing to give anything a try.