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Torbjorn’s new Overwatch Archives skin comes with glaring visual effects

Published: 23/Mar/2020 19:13 Updated: 24/Mar/2020 13:10

by Bill Cooney


For the next few days, Overwatch players will be able to unlock Torbjorn’s new “Rustclad” Archives skin, but it’s been discovered that the cosmetic item does more than just add a little wear and tear to the Swedish hero.

Rustclad is one of the three reward skins for Archive’s 2020 mini-challenges and is available for players to unlock until March 26.

While the new skin certainly does look pretty neat, with Torb donning rusted green armor and a set of goggles that have seen better days, players have discovered a major visual issue when you use his gold weapon at the same time.


Blizzard Entertainment
Players can unlock an exclusive Torbjorn spray, player icon and finally the Rustclad skin until March 26.

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The Archives skin gives Torb a Genji-like green glow on several parts of his armor as well as his hammer and Rivet Gun.

On the gun, it’s the tube on the left side that’s lit up, which works just fine with the regular weapon skin equipped, but not so much with the gold switched on.

As Reddit user BeanieBuu showed in a photo, when the Rustclad skin and gold weapon are equipped at the same time, the combined glow from both produces some very significant glare.

The glare is the brightest thing on the screen, making it fairly distracting as well.

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The glare is right below the crosshair as well, and it definitely seems like it would block the view of anything that popped up in that spot.


Of course, it’s hard to tell exactly how bad the glare is based on a photo of a monitor, but Reddit user Proto_VI provided an in-game screenshot to show how blatant the glitch seems to be.

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This glare obviously won’t affect everyone, players will have to have both Torb’s new Archives skin and golden gun unlocked and equipped for this to happen.

It might be wise to switch off the new Torb skin or turn his gold gun off until this is fixed.

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It does seem like a simple fix for devs to make and, hopefully, they take care of it soon so all those Torb mains can rock their new skin along with their hard-earned gold weapon for all to see.