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Overwatch • Jun 07, 2019

Top Overwatch League alternate jerseys - every new Stage 3 design ranked

Top Overwatch League alternate jerseys - every new Stage 3 design ranked
Overwatch League / Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League unveiled its alternate Stage 3 jerseys for 15 of the 20 participating teams yesterday, after teasing them on social media for a few days prior. We're here to help you decide which ones to buy.


Best alternate jerseys

The Overwatch League teams already have their own home and away jerseys, so it's pretty cool to see an alternate look for Stage 3.

Each of the alternate shirts look wildly different from each other, and are a breath of fresh air from the teams' typical jerseys.

The ranking is based on overall style, as well as features such as the color scheme, and logo positioning. 

Obviously everybody has their favorite League team, so opinion on the better-looking jersey style will vary from person to person - this is our personal opinion and in no way are we saying any of the shirts are outright bad.


15. Paris Eternal

Overwatch League
It's nice, but a little dull.

The French team's alternate shirt largely features their iconic rooster logo down the left side and the player number on the right pocket.

While this is cool, the jersey's color scheme lets it down - dark gray on black just looks bland and makes for a dull pairing.

It could have been improved by adding a splash of intensity in there, such as a pop of red on the rooster to echo the team's official colors.


14. Dallas Fuel

Overwatch League
The Fuel's shirt lacks in the inspiration department.

Dallas Fuel's alternate jersey design echoes most of the same issues we had with the Eternal's shirt.

Having black on dark gray looks boring to the eye, though it is slightly better than the previous team's, simply because you can see the writing and the logos more.

Adding a hint of color would have made the jersey look so much better, since dark gray and black can compliment each other well if you throw another brighter color into the mix.

13. Boston Uprising

Overwatch League
This jersey is better, but could still be improved.

While this Boston team's alternate shirt does implement its signature colors in its design, it still comes across as a bit dull compared to some of the others.

The yellow player name splashed across the stripes on the back does look really stylish though, and compliments the black base of the shirt well.

Putting more stripes on the shirt or simply just making them thicker would have made the jersey look even better.

12. Philadelphia Fusion

Overwatch League
Too much black and white makes the shirt a chore to look at.

Philadelphia Fusion's alternate shirt doesn't have any color, but it could have worked if the stripes didn't make it such an eyesore.

Not every shirt has to have bright colors on it, but the potential of this black and white one went down the drain.

The stripes attract too much attention from the eyes, making the text difficult to read. It would have been so much better if they'd used a different design choice.

11. New York Excelsior

Overwatch League
The NYC design on the front is really stylish.

The New York City design on the front of the Excelsior's alternate shirt looks great, and puts a creative spin on it.

Sadly, everything else lets the jersey down though, and it just looks plain, especially with the abundance of white all over.

Cramming some more blue in there would have make it look so much nicer.

10. Washington Justice

Overwatch League
The pop of red works well, but it's too similar to the Toronto Defiant's jersey.

Washington Justice's alternate design is great, especially with its splash of red on the back and on the back of the collar.

The darker shade of black around the Justice logo looks really sleek, and makes the logo pop.

Unfortunately, it looks way too similar to the Toronto Defiant's jersey for our liking - why make them so alike?!

9. Los Angeles Valiant

Overwatch League
The color scheme on this shirt is great.

The LA Valiant's alternate shirt has an amazing color scheme, with the black, yellow, and green complimenting each other beautifully.

The dark green logo splashed across the front looks really classy and clicks with the green collar perfectly.

The yellow text on the left pocket, sleeves, and back of the jersey pops against the black, too, and really pulls the design together.

8. San Francisco Shock

Overwatch League
The Shock's jersey has the perfect amount of color.

The San Francisco team's design works really well, especially with the orange parts that draw the eyes in straight away.

The camouflage pattern that covers the entire shirt gives it a unique edge, with the bright pops of color attracting just the right amount of attention.

The gray and black base makes the white text stand out too - we love this shirt.

7. Los Angeles Gladiators

Overwatch League
The lion design looks ace.

The LA-based team's purple and white design looks so cool, especially with the lion protruding out of the right side of the shirt, looking fierce.

The graffiti-style text is stylish and captures the spirit of downtown Los Angeles.

Even the back of the shirt looks great with the way the white and purple merge into each other.

6. Atlanta Reign

Overwatch League
We love the little peach symbol.

By far the best thing about the Reign's jersey is the little peach symbol where the left pocket usually is - it's so sweet.

The shirt isn't overly complicated, using just two main colors to show off the team's honor.

The bird looks great too, especially in the way it stands out against the salmon pink.

5. Toronto Defiant

Overwatch League
This jersey gives off Persona 5 vibes with its color scheme.

The Defiant's jersey radiates a Persona 5 vibe with its black, red, and white color scheme - we dig it!

While the Washington Justice's design looks very similar, the white and black stripes on this shirt bring it to a completely different level.

It's a great jersey, and the white gives the design a great contrast to the other teams' shirts.

4. Houston Outlaws

Overwatch League
The Houston Outlaws' design is beautifully bright.

Houston Outlaws' logo has always been the best out of all the teams, encasing Texas perfectly in its revolver-meets-bull design.

It stands out incredibly well against its neon green background and gives the shirt a tough edge.

The color scheme works really well, and the size and darkness of the logo just brings it together in the best way.

3. London Spitfire

Overwatch League
The pink plane looks great on this alternate design.

London Spitfire's design has is probably one of the best uses of one color we've seen on a shirt, maybe ever. 

The way the darker shade of the Spitfire airplane cuts through the lighter pink lines is simple, yet effective, and works really well.

Whoever designed this needs a raise, stat.

2. Hangzhou Spark

Overwatch League
We love the D.Va vibe this shirt gives off.

The Chinese team's shirt grabs second place in our ranking due to its simplistic, yet incredible design.

You can tell that popular hero D.Va was the inspiration for the jersey, and her signature colors work so well with the black background.

If the Sparks don't shout "I'm gonna shoot you down!" while wearing their shirts, we'll be disappointed.

1. Florida Mayhem

Overwatch League
The Mayhem's neon jersey design captures the Florida spirit.

Florida Mayhem's jersey houses our favorite design of them all.

The neon lights effect on the shirt captures the spirit of Miami nightlife complete, showing off where the team is from in perfect fashion.

All the colors pop beautifully, and we couldn't think of a better alternate design for the team.

Where can I buy the alternate jerseys?

All of the above shirts are available to purchase on the official Overwatch League store, and retail for $99.99 each.

Stage 3 of the League has just kicked off, so players can expect to see their favorite teams rocking their new shirts during matches until July 7.

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