TimTheTatman makes a young fan’s dream come true after return to Overwatch

TimTheTatman with Overwatch skinBlizzard Entertainment / TimTheTatman

It’s not every day you get to play with one of the most famous streamers in the world, and it’s a big deal when one of them joins your lobby. That was certainly the case for one Overwatch player, who shared a heart-warming moment with TimTheTatman in a ranked game.

TimTheTatman is one of the biggest names in streaming, and many of his fans dream of the day they stumble into a lobby with their hero. These days, your best bet is in Caldera, as Tim has made Warzone his main game, alongside Dr Disrespect.

However, after playing a huge amount of Overwatch back in his Twitch days, the streaming star made his return to Blizzard’s hero-shooter this week, sparking rumors of a big reveal.

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These were Tim’s first Overwatch streams in some time, and the community was clearly delighted to see him return. It led to a wholesome moment with one of his fans, who couldn’t control their excitement when they happened into a ranked match with him.

TimTheTatman plays overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
TimTheTatman’s returned to Overwatch ahead of the sequel slated for 2022.

TimTheTatman hopped into Overwatch ranked play, alongside Jeff ’emongg’ Anderson to complete placements on his main account. In a squad of four, they were matched with two randoms to make up their team.

During a break in play, one of them let Tim and his squad know just how special it is to be on the same team as them. “You don’t know much it means to actually play with you guys,” said the player.

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In a wholesome exchange, Tim’s squad replied, “aaw, that’s really sweet, thank you. You’re popping actually.”

They even went as far as to compliment the young fan’s performance in the game. “Honestly, you’re keeping everybody alive, because it really isn’t me,” said one of Tim’s squad. “I think you got about 16 kills.”

After, they all worked together to notch up a 2-0 win. As they were about to leave the game, Tim praises them once again, to which they reply “I love you too Tim. I love you all actually.”

It was only a small gesture, but we love to see big-name streamers and pro gamers giving a little back to the people who support them. There’s no doubt that just being in the same game as TimTheTatman and friends will have made this player’s day.

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