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This Overwatch concept could give players another way to spend their Competitive Points

Published: 9/May/2019 0:14 Updated: 9/May/2019 0:29

by Bill Cooney


An Overwatch YouTuber has created a concept for a system that would give players another option for spending their Competitive points on other than golden guns.

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Overwatch’s Competitive Points are awarded to players following wins, draws, and at the end of every Competitive season depending on the player’s rank.

Currently, the points can only be used to purchase golden weapons for heroes, but YouTuber ‘Gnasty Inc’ came up with an idea that would give players a way to spend points and way more cosmetic options.

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Customizable skins?

In Gnasty Inc’s concept a new menu has been added for a Competitive Points shop that would allow players to purchase different weapon skins, like diamond and platinum, in addition to the standard gold.


It would also allow players to customize the colors of a hero’s base skin to allow players their own completely unique skin.

The shop also has options for players to design their own sprays, player icons and even borders, but how many competitive points each item or customization would cost in the shop isn’t addressed.

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Will it ever happen?

The concept would give some players more to work towards but something like this is unlikely to happen, because Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan has shot down the idea of additional rewards for Competitive Points and even added he regrets adding golden guns in the first place.


Kaplan has teased a number of new things coming to Overwatch including a new skin for the Anniversary event that will “break the internet”.

Even though players might not have anything else to spend their Competitive Points on, there are still plenty of things coming to Overwatch in 2019 to look forward to.