This hilarious Overwatch animation reflects how a lot of players feel about Torbjörn

by Bill Cooney


Since his rework Torbjörn has seen a major increase in pickrate, some players are happy for more chances to play Overwatch’s Swedish engineer, but a new animation shows many players do not relish the fact they have to face off against good ol’ Torb.


Torbjörn’s rework gave him new abilities, an automatically upgrading turret, and a new ultimate that coats the floor in molten metal.

His new turret makes him a more viable option of offense and defense, but there are plenty of players who would prefer to not have to deal with him at all.



The animation is another from the talented dopatwo, who’s made a ton of Overwatch cartoons in the past, and begins with Torbjörn literally being summoned from a demonic portal.

Genji falls victim to Torbjörn’s new-and-improved turret before the Swede begins to unload on the unfortunate opposing team.


Not even a McCree pulling out Deadeye can salvage anything, and Torb takes care of him with a bit of molten slag.

There are a lot of players who would like to see Torbjörn gone, but it’s clear he’s here to stay, so players will just have to try and deal with him, just like in this hilarious animation.