The most popular Overwatch support heroes at each rank

. 3 years ago
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An Overwatch fan on Reddit has shared a new look at which Support heroes are more popular at each rank, and the changes from bronze to Grandmaster are pretty interesting.

Support heroes may not be as flashy as DPS, but without them, Tanks and everyone else are entirely dependent on health packs.

If players want an example of how this actually works for themselves, all they have to do is play a few games of Quick Play Classic, because it will happen eventually.

The good news is that with Role Queue, you’ll never run into a game without Support players in Competitive or Quick Play.

With Support heroes guaranteed in every game now, Reddit user SYNERGY_12846 decided to take a look at how much each hero is picked at each level of play.

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Everyone loves Moira, apparently

Surprising absolutely no one who’s actually played Overwatch in the last year, Moira seems to be the favorite support hero to pick from Bronze all the way up to GM.

On the other hand, the least-picked Support heroes are Zenyatta and Brigitte, who seem to have very similar pick rates across the board.


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Ana seems to be most popular with the middle of the board players in Platinum, Gold, and Diamond being her most popular ranks.

Our good man Baptiste is consistent across all levels, there might be a slight reduction at the Grandmaster stage, but otherwise, his pick rate is solid.

Mercy starts out as very popular in Bronze, but slowly loses ground as she moves up into Platinum and higher ranks.

The most interesting data might just be for Lucio, though, whose pick rate in Master and Grandmaster explode after sitting solidly under Ana from Bronze through Diamond.

Blizzard Entertainment
Moira is currently the most-picked Support hero in Overwatch by far.

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Could support pick rates change?

With new updates and patches, there’s always the chance for heroes pick rates to change, and there is a new Overwatch patch currently on the PTR.

The November 13 PTR patch did include nerfs for Moira, but whether or not that will change her domination of the Support picks remains to be seen.

Only time will tell if the current support meta will be shaken up by the PTR changes, but at least now we can appreciate how rare Zenyatta mains truly are in the wild.

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