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Symmetra was finally picked in the Overwatch League

Published: 17/Feb/2019 0:10 Updated: 17/Feb/2019 0:11

by Vincent Genova


It took an entire season and countless balance patches, but Symmetra was finally dealing damage in an official match of the Overwatch League.

The support character is one of the original Overwatch heroes but has never appealed to competitive players, going through the entire inaugural OWL season without dealing a single damage point. Symmetra was occasional picked as a taunt or troll, but would get immediately switched out. 

During a match between Los Angeles and Seoul in the opening week of OWL Season 3, everything changed for Symmetra mains. LA’s Surefour pulled out Symmetra for real!

The pick was short lived, but Surefour did enough damage to earn Symmetra’s ultimate ability, a giant shield wall.

The crowd loved seeing the new strategy, which Surefour claims he picked up from playing in Overwatch’s competitive playlist.

“So there’s this one Symmetra one-trick in ranked, and I made a bunch of weird Symmetra comps during our first week because of stuff that I experienced in ranked,” Surefour told Kotaku.

The current Overwatch meta of GOATS, which is three tank characters and three healers, might leave room for more Symmetra play in the future.

Her weapon increases in damage the longer it stays on a target, a feature that would be useless against Tracer or other DPS characters but extremely beneficial against tanks.

“All you do is hold left click [as Symmetra] and you get permanent ammo. You just burn Reinhardt shields as much as you want,” said Surefour.

Symmetra one-tricks rejoice, you too can play in the OWL one day.

Los Angeles would end up losing the match and Surefour spent most of his time on other characters, so don’t expect the triangle loving hero to pop up everywhere in competitive now. 

But at least Symmetra made a real appearance in the Overwatch League, finally.


Incredible Overwatch custom game lets you drive a ‘Lamborghini’

Published: 22/Jan/2021 5:21 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 5:34

by Brad Norton


An Overwatch racing game might not be all too far off now as a stylish new Workshop mode places heroes behind the wheel, allowing you to drive through any given map.

Driving a car is now possible in Overwatch thanks to the power of the Workshop. Players have modded their own custom vehicle into existence, allowing you to take it for a spin and drift through the game.

It’s not a simple trick that lets your hero move faster than usual. It’s a proper vehicle design that you can take control of and drive around. 

In fact, it’s modeled after the Lamborghini Aventador SV, giving you some style and some speed as you cruise through the world of Overwatch.

Overwatch gameplay
Ever wanted to drive a Lambo? Now you can… in Overwatch.

“I’ve turned Overwatch into a Streetwatch,” GraczCourier’s Gaming revealed on January 21. While it might look a little different to what you had in mind, it functions better than perhaps any Workshop vehicle to date.

A collection of pipes and electricity effects bring the template of the car to life. Players have complete control over the direction of the Lambo, along with its speed as well.

You can drift around corners, activate nitrous, and even change the radio station while you’re in the driver’s seat. Not only that, but the custom mode appears to work across every map in the game.

This means you can boost through Hanamura, take in the sights of Blizzard World, or jet around London on King’s Row. Handling looks to be extremely precise as an accompanying video showcased just what’s possible with the Aventador in Overwatch.

While it’s a blast to drive around, there’s a unique challenge to it as well. How fast can you get through your favorite map? How long can you drift in one attempt? You and your teammates can put it all to the test.

The flashy Workshop mode is available for anyone to check out in-game now. Try it out for yourself with the following Workshop code: 4XQP4