Surprise feature discovered in new Overwatch ‘Face Changer’ Sombra skin

. 2 years ago
Sombra Face Changer Overwatch skin
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans have noticed an interesting detail in the ‘Face Changer’ Sombra skin released as part of the Lunar New Year event for 2020, ‘Year of the Rat’.

Lunar New Year has arrived, and that means a host of new skins and other cosmetics for Overwatch players to collect.

Perhaps the highlight of this year’s collection is a new look for Sombra called ‘Face Changer’, which lives up to its name by having her mask periodically swap between several different looks.

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Sombra’s mask isn’t the only dynamic element of her new skin, however. On her weapon is a smaller representation of her mask in front of the sights, and this too changes to match Sombra herself.

Given that the player themselves never usually gets to see what they actually look like while they’re playing, this is a cool way of not only adding something interesting to the skin in the first-person perspective, but also letting the player know exactly which look they’re showing off to other players at any given time.

Blizzard have been known to include interesting little dynamic details like this in their designs before. Ashe, for instance, changes her grip on her weapon depending on whether or not a hip-fired shot will be perfectly accurate.

Sombra Face Changer skin in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s ‘Face Changer’ skin has several masks that it changes between.

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While the animation in Sombra’s ‘Face Changer’ skin may not have any practical applications, it is a fun detail that makes the look distinct from other cosmetics, and certainly deserving of its Legendary status.

Sombra’s ‘Face Changer’ is one of seven new skins added with this year’s Lunar New Year event, with Moira, Brigitte, Lúcio, Winston, Doomfist, and Wrecking Ball also getting festive new looks. As a Legendary skin, Face Changer Sombra can be acquired for 3000 credits, or by fortunate players through Lunar New Year loot boxes.

Those that don’t have enough credits or don’t get lucky may not be able to pick up the Face Changer skin this year, but there are three epic skins that will be acquirable over the course of the event by winning nine games each week.

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