Super stunned after Overwatch bug gives Lucio’s Sound Barrier to teammates miles away

Super confused by new Overwatch bugBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League pro Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi was left baffled after a strange new bug let him receive Lucio’s Sound Barrier ultimate despite being miles away from the action.

Lucio’s Sound Barrier can be one of the most impactful ultimates in Overwatch, granting teammates within its radius loads of shields to overwhelm the enemy team.

With so much extra health, Sound Barrier is great both offensively and defensively, but it comes with a few drawbacks. For one, it charges relatively slow. Second, there is a cast time that is interruptable. And third, teammates need to be within line of sight.

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At least, that’s how it’s supposed to function, but as Super witnessed in his own ladder game, Sound Barrier is behaving a bit wonky as of late.

Lucio Sound Barrier goes through the map

During a game on Rialto, Super’s team was trying to stop the enemy team from advancing the payload before even reaching the first checkpoint when the main tank found himself eliminated from the fight.

As his team started taking damage, his Lucio activated Sound Barrier to keep them in the fight. Bizarrely, just as Super respawned, he was given the shields provided by the ultimate as well.

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“How did I get Beat?” DeLisi asked his chat. “Wait, what? I spawned with Beat active. What is this f**king disaster of a game?”

Chat didn’t have any answers either, spamming multiple question marks, letting the streamer know they were as confused as he was.

Checking the replay viewer after the match didn’t offer up much in the way of a reason either, but it did show that a teammate closer to the fight than Super didn’t receive any of the shields for some reason.

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In any case, it was an extremely bizarre interaction that seems to potentially be connected to spawn timers. Hopefully, the devs can take a look at this and fix it, especially if it has the potential to be abused or ruin games in a competitive environment.

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